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  1. ordered oct 12

    Bippity Bopitty Built
  2. Military Exclusive Cash Reward on Mustang Through July 5 (Excluding GT500 and Mach 1)

    even regular mustangs hardly any availability so, lol
  3. Military Exclusive Cash Reward on Mustang Through July 5 (Excluding GT500 and Mach 1)

    BMW gives crazy incentives to active duty and veterans no models excluded and it’s a german company
  4. handling package wheels

    that makes no sense the main component of the handling package is wheels and tires anyone like me who waited for handling package car is winning Not to mention that while waiting the total price of the car went up $3000 and it’s price protected the money yet you spend on the handling package...
  5. handling package wheels

    buy them just because 1000 is like 500 with lets go brandon inflation anyway
  6. handling package wheels

    @Jay at Granger says they are different lmao So if you went to a Ford dealer and needed to replace a wheel because you broke one you might as well just order a whole set I would hope the parts department will tell you hey you might as well just buy all four wheels it’s a better deal. Most...
  7. handling package wheels

    people say they are not the same wheels who knows nobody can clarify for sure. If that’s the case will buy a set as back up, if unavailable one day will be worth more than 1000 anyway. What’s surprising to me as her actually made in the United States and Asian wheels they seem to be made by Ford...
  8. handling package wheels

    the real handling package wheels
  9. handling package wheels

    i think this is a great deal from what I have seen
  10. Is order tracking down ?

  11. Ordered October 2021

    Date keeps getting pushed forward, fine with me that means harder to build less produced orders canceled better residual loaded handling package car
  12. This is a excellent example f a Boss 302 on cars and bids

    Anyone who has owned and been around high end cars knows that’s a BS argument people stay away from very high mile performance cars and they drop like rocks if they are way over on miles and become money pits. They are secondary transportation like a motorcycle
  13. This is a excellent example f a Boss 302 on cars and bids

    Nobody stealing this car for under 40,000 on a bad day
  14. This is a excellent example f a Boss 302 on cars and bids

    These cars bring window used with under 10,000 miles good to know for mach 1 residual in ten years especially with inflation no more manuals or V8s
  15. Mustang production paused again

    Handling package cars built last some later handling package car orders might get canceled
  16. Mach 1 delivery handling package new at dealer questions

    Ordered from granger handling package car, Has anyone had an experience where they picked up a handling package car and the car wasn’t prepped properly at the dealership because the tech didn’t pull the parts when prepping the car from the parts department wheel lips camber plates rear wheel...
  17. Mustang production paused again

    Car sales will be slowing rapidly especially on higher end cars regardless and people are and will be backing out of orders, interest rates gas other expenses and investment portfolio shrinkage and uncertainty, Looks ok mach 1 raptors trx cars incoming unsold or on the ground. Lots of...
  18. Order moved again from 23rd to 30th

    Mine gets pushed because of handling package, I guarantee they will never be able to fulfill all the handling package orders mine was done day orders opened up for 2022
  19. Order moved again from 23rd to 30th

    So maybe at dealer by July lmao ordered 10-12-21