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  1. Angeles Crest Spring Run

    It's been a few years since I've been on a cruise with the mustang6g crowd. Are the meets still going?
  2. 6 speed PP guys.

    I'm running 28" hoosier bracket radials on a 17" wheel with steeda dual rate springs, non adjustable steeda shocks, and steeda alignment kit and subframe brace. Everything else is stock. I launch at 6K and slip the clutch fast and have managed a 1.6 0-60ft. 7.6 @ 91. Car has 117K miles and 10...
  3. Help! Pitiful 60ft. MT82, BMR, NT555G2

    No, it's also a performance pack 6 speed
  4. Help! Pitiful 60ft. MT82, BMR, NT555G2

    Honestly, I think the problem is your tires. I don't get any wheel hop with the following, steeda rear 3 point cradle supports, steeda springs and shocks, that's it. Street tires are 325 Continental Extreme Sport, minimal wheel spin. And for the track, 28 x 10.5 hoosiers drag bracket radial...
  5. Florida Looking for stock shifter mustang gt 2015

    I have one off my 2015 GT performance pack
  6. Off the topic: Should I buy a lawyer for speeding ticket?

    If possible I would definitely try to go to court and own up to your mistake. Tell the judge you fucked up and hopefully the judge sees you're a responsible adult and has leniency on you. We all know the consequences when we decide to "let loose". Good luck :thumbsup:
  7. 5w-20 vs 5w-50

    Same here, switching over to Amsoil 5W-50 in my car for the added protection since I will be adding boost. Have been using Motorcraft 5w-20 for the past 4 years.
  8. Angeles Crest Spring Run

    Definitely a great road to cruise! I haven't been back in over 2 years due to closures and weather. Count me in!
  9. Nevada S550 Mustang Steeda suspension parts

    PM sent, I'm available today to pick up suspension.
  10. Active Exhaust "Airy" sound w/ H-Pipe

    Not at all. I had the exact same problem with my Steeda H pipe install, slight leak no matter how tight I torqued the clamp. Also noticed the exhaust tips would start rotating and looking off. Ended up removing the clamps and welded the exhaust. No more movement or leaks.
  11. GT SOLD 2019 2020 APIM Screen with Navigation

    Do you have some more available? Let me know, I'd like to purchase a kit. Thanks!
  12. What's your current milage at?

    2015 GT PP bought in 03/16 with 13K miles, this morning odometer showed 98025 when I got to work. Only issue is the clicking noise from my axles and that's it. AC blows cold and no engine tick. Have been E85 tuned since 14K miles.
  13. California Front Driver and Passenger Weathertech Floor Mats

    Are the mats still available? I can meet tomorrow and pick up. I will be working close to LA tomorrow. Let me know where you're located.
  14. GT Steeda S550 Mustang GT 5.0L Coyote 304 Stainless Resonator Delete H-Pipe (2018-2020)

    Interested in steeda h-pipe shipped to 92392. Please provide email for payment thru PayPal.
  15. 2015 Mustang GT Part Out

    Thanks for the reply, your about a 5 hour drive from me . I think I'll pass on the battery. Good luck with sale!
  16. 2015 Mustang GT Part Out

    Where are you located? Interested in the battery
  17. Conti ExtremeContact Sport VS Michelin PS4S

    That should be it, I have not been to the canyons to really push the car in well over 2 years. Car has seen mostly highway miles from road trips and not hard canyon driving. Within the last two years I did a road trip to Canada, Utah, Texas, Nevada, Arizona and twice to Baja California. Also...
  18. Conti ExtremeContact Sport VS Michelin PS4S

    Minimal burnouts ( 3 times and not a smoke cloud burnout lol), 90% highway driving, proper psi, and rotating every 5K miles.