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  1. Forscan for a 2019 Ecoboost

    How do I change things with Forscan on my 2019 Ecoboost? Should I use the App or download it onto my computer? What can I change? I really just want to get rid of the fake engine noise and ANC.
  2. 2019 Ecoboost performance pack rims

    Is there anywhere I can buy a new rim for my 2019 Ecoboost performance pack. They’re the factory black rims. My wife hit a curb and scratched the rim to hell.
  3. Steeda ultralite Gtrac brace

    went to install the steeda 2 point g trac brace today on my wife’s ecoboost and noticed the brace contacts the transmission. Car is a 2019 Ecoboost performance pack auto (10 speed). I used both provided shims and it still needed more than a 1/4 in to clear the trans. Called steeda and the...
  4. SP Performance Rotors for Ecoboost performance pack

    Has anybody used SP Performance rotors that American Muscle sells? They have a set of slotted rotors for about $270 for fronts. Seem like a good deal, what do you guys think?
  5. 2019 Ecoboost performance pack lug nut torque

    What is the proper lug nut torque for a 2019 Ecoboost performance pack? I ordered some black lug nuts for the wife's car and want to make sure I don't over torque them and break a stud or under torque them. Thanks.
  6. K member brace question

    I’m thinking about getting a k member brace for my 2019 ecoboost performance pack and can’t figure out which one I should buy. The car is my wife’s DD, so it won’t be driven very hard on a daily basis. With that said, on weekends when I drive it gets driven hard, and my wife will drive an...
  7. GFB DV+ Does not fit a 2019.

    So I found out the hard way today that the GFB DV+ does not fit the 2019 Ecoboost. Ford apparently changed the diverter valve for 2019. So I ended up breaking the diverter valve in the process and now the ecoboost is down until I can find a new one. If anyone has a diverter valve from...
  8. Autocross events near atlanta

    Anyone know of any coming up anytime soon?
  9. Ecoboost Performance Pack Brakes for HPDE

    Just ordered my wife a 2019 Ecoboost performance pack auto. She will be doing some HPDE events with me and I waas reading that the brake cooling tends to be a problem on the EB PP. Is this really an issue? Can it be fixed with better pads? What recommendations are there to fix it so it can...
  10. Ebay Exhaust

    Wondering if anyone has experience with the ebay knock offs of the MBRP and what they sound like in comparison. Looking at one like this in particular. Both are 3 inch with a y pipe...