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  1. Mustang Photo Thread

    Some good cars and busy by the looks. I'm booked in for this coming weekend. Hopefully the weather will stay dry. It's been a loooooooong time since any kind of car event.
  2. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    That looks really smart pal :like:
  3. Battery cover clips

    They're just cheap plastic. Use them once and replace if they snap.
  4. Battery cover clips These are what you need 🙂
  5. On the hunt for a GT...

    Hi and welcome here. The Shadow Editions ran from 2017 (17 plate) to 2018 (67 plate) althogh you may find a few on an 18 plate. All the manuals were just under the £40K threshold. The Auto's (£1600 option) that had Grabber Blue & Race Red were also just under £40K. But premium paint Triple...
  6. Roush Axle Backs db readings?

    So.. a mate of mine has just come around with a decibel reader he bought at Aldi/Lidl, cost £10 or so. My Mustang has an MBRP street version cat back. It's a 3" stainless with H-pipe, no other mods. It's not overly loud compared to some others. Anyway... On cold start it is 88db, settles to...
  7. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Sorry you had your car damaged... Good news though - Bus Co's are self insuring. That is they do not have insurace in the conventional sense like we do. They are uninsured but have the funds to pay out for any and all accidents. That means that any claim againt one will not have to be declaired...
  8. Converting a Shelby GT350 to RHD

    Good question and great idea. Can't see why it couldn't be done, although not easy. I'd start with a complete UK spec wreck car. You won't need any running gear but will need all wiring loom, ECUs control boxes etc. The interior of course along with steering components. The wiring is going to be...
  9. Vehicle VED tax

    When I bought mine it was only 6 month old. Pre registered ex demo car. The dealer untaxed before I then taxed it myself. I paid 12 months rfl, they could not claim back part of the 1st years rfl which would have been 2k plus. Seems unfair but that's how it is.
  10. Cruise to Shuttleworth

    For those of you that are not on FB. Here are a few of the 70 or so Mustangs that made it to Shuttleworth. Mostly S550's along with a hanfull of S197's & SN95's a single fox body and only one classic '65. Weather was dry but windy for a while, but it had rained hard on the way there, then snowed...
  11. Test drive

    Me too. Just went down to Ford showroom and sat in a Mustang they had in. No intention of buying one at that time. I was only there to book the pickup in for service. Salesman came round asked me if I liked it? I replied how I thought the interior was a bit plasticy and that it wasn't anywhere...
  12. 70 Grand?!!!!

    Did not want to get involved in this... Ben Dunn... "She’s fine we were doing some big power pulls on the dyno before christmas without a catch can, it ingested it’s fair share of oil which has sat in the intake and then started sucking it up again on its first outting since ... I.e. today " I...
  13. 70 Grand?!!!!

    According to Ben from MAP, they had just finished doing some strong1000bhp dyno runs. Oil from the breather vent had accumulated. The engine is fine it was only a bit of oil from the catch-can that overflowed.
  14. Request for information

    Could you not go to any Ford dealership / showroom and note the vins (on dashtop). All '19 n 2020 GTs have the digidash.
  15. SATURDAY 11/01/20 10:00-12:00 - Yorkshire / North Lincs

    Great pics. It was a superb meeting considering its the middle of Winter. Roll on Summer. :like::like:
  16. Tyre Pressure Question

    No Not disputing the condition of your ex tyres Richard. I'm sure they were good ones. Sometimes the most obvious reasons can be missed. It does not explain why Bob is now suffering 'wandering' , perhaps they just feel different to the Pirelli's. Between you and me pal, we will blame it on...
  17. Tyre Pressure Question

    Be careful not to run at too low pressure. An under inflated tyre will build up temp more than usual. You run the risk of a blowout when heat buildup expands. Are you sure that your wandering isn't caused by too soft tyre pressure. That extra flex from the sidewall will give vague steering and...