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  1. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    Let’s go! Headed north this weekend to pick up the engine and took all next week off to get the car back together. The excitement is real!
  2. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    Piston order Week 10 update. car has been under a cover for 2 months now and hasn't been touched. Spoke with holbrook today and was told that he will pull all the timing components off the shelf today and as long as he has everything, the engine will be complete and ready for pick up the 4th...
  3. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    I’ve already committed to the diamonds.
  4. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    Update; No updates to be given. lol! Holbrook still has the engine and waiting on pistons. Watching the race season go by but is what it is.
  5. 2017 mustang gt going to 5.2 coyote swap

    yup, what 80foxcoupe said. No need to use anything different.
  6. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    thats always something of my concern because when i first began the 5.2 build, there wasn't many 5.2 pistons available. I guess we will just find out since i've already ordered the diamonds. Good thing the block is sleeved now..
  7. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    So every oil change from the first to last, i found copper. Not crazy amounts but for sure there. I was under the impression it had a wrist pin tight and beginning to fail. now with the piston rocking, that could've caused it after the initial break in but holbrook told me that no source of the...
  8. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    of course. I appreciate all of your guys builds and value your opinions. This is what its for, conversations and learning. Unfortunately it had roughly 2500 miles on it and 4 oil changes. not gonna lie, almost pulled the plug a few times specially with my son who arrived three weeks ago. This...
  9. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    Now it is possible for a cylinder to be out of round and create this issue but it would've began instantly. Also possible for the detonation to accelerate the issue but i really don't believe this to be the issue simply because it was a brand new block. If you look at the second picture in...
  10. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    i'm having a hard time finding anyone who wouldn't use diamond. If you could refer me to some of these situations, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    Not sure if any piston would've saved me during this situation. Using pump E. measured 83% when i filled but mixed with some 75% so it was in that range. Like stated before, the issue was the fact that i asked for more timing during the dyno session and didn't account for real world conditions...
  12. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    I wasn't aware of those concerns a year ago so I'll have to research into that. Its been a little over a year since i began using diamond. Also consider they are a local company from holbrook and very close to my home town. I spoke with holbrook in regards to which pistons he would recommend...
  13. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    Decided to wait 10 weeks for the diamond pistons instead of using some Mahle units that were on the shelf. Attached is a picture of the two worst pistons In the picture below, you can see the compressed ring grove.
  14. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    weekly update, installed some trackspec hood vents to make the vent more functional and try to reduce the hood lift at high speeds. Of course, while cleaning up the cut edges i had to nick the painted surface. So now i'll be respraying the whole hood and bumper. There was a couple rock chip that...
  15. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    Mike Thomas fabrication.
  16. Procharger Stg 2 kit…throws DOWN @TX2K!!! Hello 7’s

    if you’re having wheel hop, you still have much more to upgrade including bushing, arms, and links. The deflection in the front control arm stock bushing is enough to have hop/traction issues.
  17. Procharger Stg 2 kit…throws DOWN @TX2K!!! Hello 7’s

    You need to put more effort into the rear suspension. if you're still getting wheel hop, there's your sign why its not hooking. Focus on that before worrying about settings. good luck.
  18. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    Sleeves are installed and final machining is in process. Heads are assembled and ready to go. From what i was told, it was just the sleeves that were the hold. Shouldn't take them long to assemble the long block. Going to try and take two days to go there and back to pick it up. We will see.
  19. Project NO1CARES (5.2/JTB/TH400)

    Current update. Sleeves arrived Thursday and block is currently being machined. Depending on how I'm able to either pick up the engine or have it shipped will indicate when the car is put back together but there's a chance to get it done before our boy is born end of april. The issue is now...