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  1. Thumbs up for gt101

    The sporadic oil cooler threads finally got to me, so I bit the bullet and booked her in with gt101 to have their oil cooler kit fitted. I wanted to post here to commend their service and workmanship. I can finally sleep at night knowing it's been done..... Oh, and while she was in, I thought...
  2. Ebay rear spoiler for sale

    Bought this from a seller on eBay a while ago but never fitted. It's a stick on spoiler that has the double sided tape that came with it. Reason for not fitting is I was never happy with the finish, which I've tried to capture in the photos. It also has a slight mark which I've shown in one...
  3. BUYER BEWARE Alimize spoilers (eBay)

    The other half bought me a boot spoiler from this lot for Xmas. The finish is terrible, there's no way you'd want this on your car.