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  1. Florida 2017 GT CONV PP GARAGE KEPT

    LOL, since I dont daily its not too bad.
  2. Florida 2017 GT CONV PP GARAGE KEPT

    updated the mileage.
  3. Aluminum valve covers.

    On similar subject, I have a '17 and just received my ford aluminum covers. Is there anything else I should think about doing at the same time?? I have thought about getting the pac springs.
  4. If you ain't first, you're last; 7 second S550 build

    Just following along on an insane build!
  5. Florida 2017 GT CONV PP GARAGE KEPT

    2017 Mustang GT PP, 401A, 6,8XX miles, garage kept, never seen rain. Clean title, never any paint work, body/paint is perfect. Never tracked/raced. Thought my boys would be more into cars and events but they are more into video games :( Located in St Johns, Fl (near Jacksonville) email is...
  6. Has anyone attempted a 'tuck-n-hide' in their engine bay?

    Good point. When I go to that page it has my cars saved. At least you know what to look for now! I am sure they make them for 18+
  7. Has anyone attempted a 'tuck-n-hide' in their engine bay? Might be more than what you need though.
  8. Has anyone attempted a 'tuck-n-hide' in their engine bay?

    Interested in seeing how you do you battery relocation. Although it doesn't look like it my battery is still there but with the wire moved around so they cant be seen. I bought a battery box and had plan to relocate to the trunk but decided against it for now.
  9. Has anyone attempted a 'tuck-n-hide' in their engine bay?

    Armageddon kit. Also relocated the hood latch cable which few do. Easy way to get rid of that black cable!
  10. Long time lurker grabber blue Vortech build.

    Whats the updates on this beast build?
  11. Battery relocation / cut off switch

    I couldnt figure out where it could move to so I took mine out for now. Mine isnt a daily so I really dont need it.
  12. Wire tuck- wires rubbing

    Thank you sir!
  13. Wire tuck- wires rubbing

    Also about going under the frame. Instructions are a little vague about it but there no other way to run those.....that I could figure out. I would love to be proven wrong though and route a different way.
  14. Wire tuck- wires rubbing

    Yea I only did a test drive around the block a couple of time to see if there were any issues before I secured more permanently.
  15. Battery relocation / cut off switch

    Show me some clean ideas! I am really leaning towards putting the battery in the spare tire well but not sure where there cut off switch would go.
  16. Wire tuck- wires rubbing

    This is the Armageddon wire tuck kit. Passenger side. Has anybody run these any other direction other than under the frame? Just noticed that the tire is rubbing a little bit.
  17. Virginia SOLD!!!! Hellion Twin Turbo 2019 Mustang GT A10 $45k

    question- what battery tray is that and where did those terminals come from? Did you not run the external battery cut off switch? Perfect build BTW, no surprise it sold quickly!
  18. Hellion Street Sleeper // On3 owners; A Few Questions Please!

    Now the real question. Anybody know current lead time for both ON3 and Hellion from when you place the order?
  19. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    a little nip and tuck!
  20. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    and NO the jack is not holding the front up. Steeda jacking rails, 2 jack stands, rear tires on woods block. Jack is only there to make the wifey happy.