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  1. Running my V6 @Track Night in America (Autoclub Speed Way, Fontana CA)

    Happy Holidays, Wanted to share a few laps from this past weekend. It was a blast and highly recommend anyone to give it a go in order to experience the potential of the chassis and engine. The event was put on by SCCA / Tire Rack and was possibly one of the last events at Auto Club Speedway...
  2. So-Cal Promo Car Shoot *Mustangs Wanted*

    Hi Everyone, I'm a videographer in Southern Cali and I'm interested in filming you and your Mustang throughout various locations around downtown Los Angeles. The purpose is to get cinematic looking hero/glamour shots of your car while capturing the iconic landscape of Los Angeles. Example I...
  3. 3.15 to 3.55 Gear Change pricing?`

    Hi Everyone, I've been shopping around for quotes on the 3.15 to 3.55 gear change on my auto v6. I've been quoted $1,300-$600 in the Los Angeles area. Can anyone recommend a reputable place or the price they paid for this service? The quote would be solely for labor as I have all the parts.
  4. Twin Turbo V6

    Looks like we have a breakthrough!
  5. 2017 Mustang GT4 ready for Daytona

    While we wait for the 18' refresh, check out the Mustang GT4 in all its glory testing in Daytona over the weekend. Looks like a great follow up car to the Ford Shelby GT350R-C 2016 winner. Really excited for this season, new rules new competition! I cant wait to see this in person, racing at...

    Just recently revealed :eyebulge: Loving the livery!!! 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR AWD with two turbos to that monster 6.7-litre Roush Yates V8---->1,400 horsepower at the crank One can only wait for GYMKAHNA 10..... October 18th!
  7. Track Day- AAA Autoclub Speedway (Fontana CA)

    Hello all! Here is some footage from Sunday, my first day on the track! :headbang: Went out with Speed Ventures (HPDE) and I had a blast learning the limits of my car and I enjoyed getting to meet enthusiasts and seeing everything from the GT350R to Miata's out having a blast. [ame=""]...
  8. WANTED 2015 Stock GT Exhaust (LA Area)

    Anyone looking to get rid of their stock catback GT exhaust? Please let me know, I don't mind traveling within the area. I'm located in DTLA. Thanks!
  9. Wrapping?

    Hello everyone, Has anyone tried wrapping the various parts that are orange in these pictures? I was curious how a wrap would hold on the plastic parts I really love the orange accents on this mustang! :headbang:
  10. Broken Drive Shaft?

    So I decided to take my 2015 V6 to the dealer today after hearing an odd sound when I go from either drive to park or vice versa. The sound reminded me of a golf club hitting a golf ball, imagine the "ping" like sound. After waiting for the result from the mechanics, they have come to the...