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  1. 5 years old,5th service @20k plugs?

    Hi all, So hoping you guys can help! I Use an independent garage who I trust who specialises is focus RSs. Im a bit unsure what to order ahead of my service with him. Car is 2016 with 20k on it. I run a panel filter so was thinking: Oil Oil filter Cabin filter Plugs? Brake fluid depending if...
  2. RHD strut brace Gt350 one I think fitment

    So I dropped on the Ford perofrmance strut brace with 2 big spacers. I fitted it today and the passenger side studs don't have a lot of thread left compared to the drivers side! Anyone else used used the spacers? Debating whether to grind it to fit better.
  3. Allignment - wrong settings applied - non performance pack.

    Hey, So I had the bmr cradle lockout, steeda centering sleaves and bmr 2 point brace fitted last aug. I took the car for a full allignment about a week later and they aligned it. Fast forward to about 1400 miles later and having her serviced today the mechanic says the tyres are wearing on the...
  4. Steeda cai and tune for life?

    So keep looking into a tune for my GT. So far only have the Borla Touring CB. Does anyone here run the steeda cai and a tune? Wasnt sure if they worked for our RHD cars. I like the sound of the Ford racing pp1 too but a bit put off by the no lift shift
  5. Mach 1 Globally available - Possibly:
  6. 4th service

    Hi All, Mustang is 4 years old in October so going to get her 4th service done along with an mot. Car will have between 14 - 15k on it. I usually buy my own kit and go a independent Ford specialist who I trust. Was wondering if I needed anything other than the below: Oil 5w20 * 8 litres Oil...
  7. Rusty lip on discs - pads to soft?

    So was in the shop yesterday when my mechanic showed me my front discs, theres a rusty lip forming on them. These are DBA 2 piece slotted discs fitted less than 2k a go. I put in Stoptech posi quiet pads. I wondered if I could put a more aggressive pad in to firstly clean these up with some...
  8. Insurance modified vs non modified

    It's that time of the year again. I've been running a few quotes, seems most insurers dont mind an exhaust but as soon as you tick suspension mods the price ramps up. I only wanted to do the cradle lockout, steeda irs locating dowels and a bmr 2 point brace. Difference Is 440 with a exhaust with...
  9. First handling mods

    So as my insurance is almost up (I'll need a good insurer who is mod friendly suggestions?) I am going to start putting some parts together. I've bought the BMR cradle lockout kit this week. I was also thinking of buying the steeda diff bushings? Do these compliment the BMR kit? I also want to...
  10. Touch up pen for gloss black wheels?

    So I gave my wheels a really good cleaning today with the bilt hamber auto wheels. Now as I'm super OCD I noticed a couple of scratches here and there probably from stones I figure. I was wondering if anyone had any joy touching their wheels up and if so what they used! Standard Ford gloss...
  11. Pad deposits - ceramic pads?

    Recently changed the front pads to stoptech posi quite ceramic pads. Now after a bit of use, no really heavy braking just normal stop start I can see and feel brown deposits all over the front wheels. The wheels feel course to touch inbetween the spoke. I clean them using an autobtite non acidic...
  12. E10 Fuel comingg - Issues for us?

    Hi, Read today the governmennt wants to have all petrol to contain 10% Ethanol from next year. Will this have any impact for us?
  13. Forge Motorsport Remaps

    Noticed Forge are offering remaps, anyone got one? I've used some of their parts in the past and found them to be top notch.
  14. Just how crap are the seats?!

    Had the foam pad swapped last monday as there was a big dint in it. One week and a day later it's exactly the same? I'm 16stone 5 not massively heavy and these are built for Americans ! What's going on? Anyone else have the same issues? Wondering about having them done privately or swapping to a...
  15. Jacking rear up one side only should the wheel turn?

    So, thought I would check to see if there was any play in the wheel bearings today. I jacked each cormer up at a time. Fronts spin as expected, the rears wont, they sort of clack if it try to turn them, does the same both sides. Is this normal? When driving it I dont hear this nosie so assumed...
  16. Clutch Line Loose

    Just poking around under the bonnet and noticed the clutch line is about half way off from resivour! slid it back on and goes almost all the way up but the line feels tight. Should there be something securing this, cable tie or something?!
  17. New seat foam - Heated seat barely warm now :(

    Thought I would start a thread here - Ford broke my seat when replacing the evap core. The seat now looks great. They told me they are replacing the foam. However, I drove for 20 miles seat on the hottest setting and it barely feels warm. The passenger side feels hot. Is there a difference in...
  18. So changed the front discs and found this!

    Ho, so we swapped the front discs for the lovely DBA 5000 2 piece discs today. Upon fitting we discovered the below! So question is, what do people make of stainless lines and who are good? Was thinking goodridge from JW racing
  19. What Rotors GT with brembos (UK)

    Hi all, I need to replace my front discs (rotors) due to them being warped. I dont want to stay OE as I think there are far better alternatives. The problem I have is I'm in the UK and we seem limited on choice. I'm thinking one of these three for discs and Hawk HPS 5.0 pads. Our cars come with...
  20. Pedders discs and ceramic pads - anyone use them?

    Hello from the UK! SSo I new new front discs and pads and looked at the pedders dimpled and grooved with the ceramic pads. With these being Australian I thought I may have more luck in asking the question here! Does anyone run them and if so how do they compare to OE?