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  1. New Hampshire FOR SALE - 2018 PP1 - Magnetic Mustang - New Hampshire

    Entertaining the idea of selling my 2018 Mustang GT with super low miles. The car has approximately 10,000 miles on it. Performance package 1 which includes sport suspension, rear spoiler and Brembo brakes. 6 speed manual transmission. The car also has additional upgrades as listed below...
  2. Southern NH Cars & Coffee

    Almost Time … Ira a decent showing usually and right off the highway.
  3. Nevada Project6GR FIVE 20 inch wheels/Nitto Tires, TPMS, OEM center caps. MINT condition!

    Am I missing something; why are the lug bolts so far extended out from the wheel? Beautiful set up, don’t get me wrong, just curious. I have black lug nuts that cover it all up.
  4. 2018 P2119 Code on Whipple

    Wow, that’s DEEP. You sir are quite the engineer. In theory, Whipple could make this a ECU upgrade and we could change/tweak the tuning via the OBDII port right? So, you didn’t touch the screws and throttle body adjustment, pure tuning of slowing the movement of the throttle blade?
  5. Texas LMR SVE SP2 Wheels (PP2 Replica) for sale

    Thoughts on shipping these bad boys to NH?
  6. @R8CEHORSE (formerly Northbay_Bullitt) Track Build

    How is the cooling with the new vented hood?

    Gender reveal success.
  8. Best Clutch for HPDE and Open track days?

    X-clutch twin disc. Precious owner put it in. Handles the 600+ whp just fine, grips and rips … just rattles like a tin can at traffic lights. Very ‘Ducati-like’ if you know what I mean.
  9. R Owners - 325s on the rear

    Thanks for that insight. What a set up. I love the wheels and tire choice and then the review! Beautiful sir.
  10. R Owners - 325s on the rear

    Thank you. While I don’t have an R, I am seriously considering those for the width I want and power I put down… also the price point. Glad you’re happy with those.
  11. R Owners - 325s on the rear

    sorry … what model Conti’s?
  12. Cloth recaros

    And my last name is an R as well … I better get hunting more than I have. I did the wheel and shifter at my local Ford for a solid hook up. No dice on the seats though … those are hard to come by.
  13. Cloth recaros

    Bro … where did you find R seats? Ugghhhh. Those are amazing
  14. Carbon Fiber Addicts Anonymous Thread

    Wow. With that rear valence; lights out.
  15. Carbon Fiber Addicts Anonymous Thread

    Yes. Very clean with the OEM+ look there. Not a crazy body kit, but subtle badass additions.
  16. Carbon Fiber Addicts Anonymous Thread

    meow… clean. Where did you purchase the kit?
  17. Cloth recaros

    I’d like to know as well … if I ever found some for sale!! They are like unicorns.
  18. North Carolina New Michelin PS4S

    Yeah … I think the 295’s on front are going to be too aggressive for my current wheel set up. Thanks so much for that insight. I have about an inch drop all around with the lowering springs. The rears will be fine, but no dice on the fronts.
  19. MAGNETIC S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Milestone week // 10,000 miles