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  1. Running my V6 @Track Night in America (Autoclub Speed Way, Fontana CA)

    Tons! My brakes and tires took a beating but besides that It was a blast.
  2. Running my V6 @Track Night in America (Autoclub Speed Way, Fontana CA)

    Happy Holidays, Wanted to share a few laps from this past weekend. It was a blast and highly recommend anyone to give it a go in order to experience the potential of the chassis and engine. The event was put on by SCCA / Tire Rack and was possibly one of the last events at Auto Club Speedway...
  3. So-Cal Promo Car Shoot *Mustangs Wanted*

    Will do soon! Looking forward to it. -MB
  4. So-Cal Promo Car Shoot *Mustangs Wanted*

    That does sound great and exactly what I'm looking to film. How far in advance do you typically set up the meet? I haven't been up that canyon, going to take a ride this Saturday and shoot footage. But I would definitely love to capture you're canyon meet/run.
  5. So-Cal Promo Car Shoot *Mustangs Wanted*

    that's not too far from me and a canyon run will look great! maybe we can set something up?
  6. Group canyon drives?

    I'd love a run-up, Angeles crest hwy.
  7. So-Cal Promo Car Shoot *Mustangs Wanted*

    Hi Everyone, I'm a videographer in Southern Cali and I'm interested in filming you and your Mustang throughout various locations around downtown Los Angeles. The purpose is to get cinematic looking hero/glamour shots of your car while capturing the iconic landscape of Los Angeles. Example I...
  8. 3.15 to 3.55 Gear Change pricing?`

    Just finished the 3.55 upgrade. What a difference! Feels like it brought all my mods together and also upgraded the rear toe links (SR Perf.) meanwhile. Much more power off the line. MPG did go down, but don't care! Also, the toe link upgrade inspires faster cornering speeds and simple to...
  9. Water Pump

    I noticed the leaking coolant first.
  10. Water Pump

    My pump went out at 33k replaced under warranty
  11. 3.15 to 3.55 Gear Change pricing?`

    Thinking of going the DIY route myself. Did you have to tune it to adjust the diff. settings after?
  12. 3.15 to 3.55 Gear Change pricing?`

    Ballpark on the labor install costs to remove the 3.15 pumpkin & replace with the 3.55 pumpkin.
  13. 3.15 to 3.55 Gear Change pricing?`

    Sorry I didn't state this in the OP, I bought the whole "pumpkin" 3.55 for the full replacement.
  14. 3.15 to 3.55 Gear Change pricing?`

    Hi Everyone, I've been shopping around for quotes on the 3.15 to 3.55 gear change on my auto v6. I've been quoted $1,300-$600 in the Los Angeles area. Can anyone recommend a reputable place or the price they paid for this service? The quote would be solely for labor as I have all the parts.
  15. anything gone wrong with your car?

    @ 7k "Clank" issue replaced under warranty. @ 30k water pump leaked, replaced under warranty. @ 30k front engine cover leaking oil, replaced under warranty. Daily driver in Los Angeles, bumper to bumper traffic and I beat the hell outta it when I get open road.
  16. GT500 in Gran Turismo Sport

    Awesome job!!! Hopefully January or Feb update will have the Detroit Auto show GT500...
  17. 2015-17 Mustang V6 at the Track

    I've tracked at AAA Fontana Speedway ROVAL and what stood out to upgrade was stiffer suspension, upgraded brakes and some wider tires to help put down the power. You can really feel the stock suspension limitations on this track.
  18. Bolt on wide body???

    Thoughts on this?
  19. Full bolt on, aaand 373 inside..

    Awesome, Ive wanted to do the 3.73 myself, glad to see very positive results! Looking forward to the video series as well.
  20. V6 engine cover

    Nice work, looks sharp!