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  1. JCFoster

    Cleaned The Windshield

    Probably less. That’s getting everything together and moving the car inside etc. Still impressed a product actually worked. Next time it’ll be with a polisher.
  2. JCFoster

    Cleaned The Windshield

    My wife’s windshield on her Pilot was horrible from water spots to jet fuel residue from leaving it at the airport on two occasions. So today I took a razor blade to it then a clay bar and not much better. My wife suggested some stuff we’ve had for cleaning the glass shower. Bio-Clean. A bit...
  3. JCFoster

    How Old Tires Will You Run?

    Are they still mounted? I tried to have a used tire remounted the other day and the tire shop said they couldn’t mount used tires or some bs. I went to a friend of a friend.
  4. JCFoster

    Machined wheels and silver wheels

    I’ve seen pictures of some 50th anniversary LE’s that had a machined wheel and some that were silver. Just curious why the difference.
  5. JCFoster

    Student debt cancelation. Seems there are strong opinions against it from some.

    Where’s my check? I didn’t go to college, I went to the military then to work. I mean if we’re gonna have a free loading society I want my share of free loading!
  6. JCFoster

    JDM undercover

    If you think a car is a waste of taxpayers money then you’ve never been exposed to FEMA.
  7. JCFoster

    New Wheels White or Black?

    One of the best looking oe wheels only to be discontinued. I’d love to get a set.
  8. JCFoster

    Supercharged Mustang Hits 178 MPH Running From Arkansas Police

    That’s funny. As Fred Sanford would say “you big dummy!”
  9. JCFoster

    Threat from Tire Bubble

    I wouldn’t replace all four. I would replace the two front tires at most depending on how much wear you have have left. A better picture would help too looking down the sidewall. Looking at it from the side doesn’t show much.
  10. JCFoster

    What did you name your Mustang?

    Usually just Car or it’s given name Mustang. I know it’s lame, but some cars just don’t speak to you or are soulless. Our Pilot on the other hand is called Amy, based on the movie character, Fat Amy.
  11. JCFoster

    I hate Christmas.

    As empty nesters, this year we’ll spend it with the kids and grandkids the weekend before and then off to a warm island for Christmas.
  12. JCFoster

    Ride Height Question 2016 Mustang GT

    The front are the same as yours at around 27” and the back PP uses a 275 tire that’s around 27.7” high versus your 235 at 27”. If the front is scraping then it won’t help you at all.
  13. JCFoster

    Hello! Looking for feedback

    I wouldn’t let the wheels be a factor. A lot of guys like the 20’s. They just weren’t for me.
  14. JCFoster

    Hello! Looking for feedback

    As far as the vert is concerned, no. It’s not as fast to put up and down or as clean, but we’ve had very few issues reported in this forum. Mine is four years old with zero issues. It’s a very well built top. As far as mechanical issues, I have the gen 2 5.0 (2016) with the A6 and have had...
  15. JCFoster

    If You Could Do It Over Again

    Mine came with the 20” wheels for an additional $1,200. If I could have gotten the dealer to take them off and saved that $1,200 would have been great. They sucked. Heavy and road like crap.
  16. JCFoster

    S550 owner shows off - into pole

    I kinda feel for the guy. Not sure what the big deal is. Empty parking garage with no one around except his bud. Shit happens.
  17. JCFoster

    CB010 with / without spacers

    Yes. With the alignment sleeves it will keep the subframe from moving. When you install the cb010 kit you’ll see the four mounting points and how Ford designed teeth to grip into the sheet metal of the body and the half inch tolerances for the whole subframe to move in any direction. With the...
  18. JCFoster

    CB010 with / without spacers

    I did the CB010 first on my vert then went back and added the alignment kit, scb766. Much easier to do them both at the same time. I did the alignment kit to keep the rear subframe from walking on me and to have it centered to the body granted if the body is square. Some say it won’t walk on...