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  1. Anyone in Vegas have resonator delete I can listen too live ?

    im still debating doing this with the 3-4 available methods. Anyone local here in vegas have stock exhaust with just the resonator delete I can get a live listen too ? Chris 702-357-0422
  2. Whipple vs procharger

    I’m exploring the two different possibilities and thinking of the positives and negatives for each system. The positive for the pro charger seems to be not removing the upper manifold but having a belt driven system that does not need to tap to oil pan. The Whipple system I’ve had before on a...
  3. What paperwork & extras came with GT350s ?

    I'm looking to buy a 17" GT 350 and I'm looking at some ads and posts with all different manuals & boxes included. I'm wondering if there was extras a buyer could order as well as the standard paperwork. IE: manual, keys, window sticker, goodie box ? Thanks in advance Chris
  4. GT350 Looking for 17" Ruby Red GT350

    As the title states, I'm in the market for a low mile 17" Ruby Red GT350. Looking for Recaros and electronics package. Prefer stripe delete car. LMK what you have for sale if your thinking of selling. Chris 7023570422
  5. 2015 GT Auto Roush Supercharged Phase 2

    So my wife informed me she is pregnant again which we are blessed for but now the 5.0 really has no function for me or my family. This has very tasteful Mods done. Attached is the scan of the window sticker. No scratches, dings, dents, swirls. Car has never seen rain and has always been in my...
  6. Varex X-Force Install Begins Monday

    I have had quite an adventure trying to get the right sound levels and noise in my blown auto 5.0. Since I was 16 I have always had the loudest, non N/A, meanest sounding stangs. However being 39 and living in a nicer area my goals with this car have changed. At 1st I tried to just be loud...
  7. Roush Axle Back Black tips Like New $ 430 shipped

    I bought these 2 weeks ago and they have like 50 miles on them. I had the tips painted black with high temp paint and clear coated over. These are like new and 100% complete. I get my Varex setup this Friday and will have a nice box to ship these in. I will have these off the car on Friday...
  8. WTB Black Spoiler MMD or Tru Fiber

    Kind of a long shot here but, if anyone has either of these wings and is looking to change it up. I'm interested in black or unpainted. The MMD is on Back order and the Tru-Fibers are too $$ for me to try and buy it. Thanks Chris
  9. Cut stock mufflers off how to re install ?

    So I thought these Roush axle backs did the trick but again too loud for me. So I'm wanting to put the stockers back on. Having cut them off, is there anyway to have these re installed without welding ? Any kind of clamps that might work ? This car has been a nightmare to find the right exhaust...
  10. FRPP Borla Sport Catback M-5200-M8SC

    I removed this yesterday from my 15" 5.0. It has exactly 432 miles on it, this system sounds mean but just a tad too loud for my daily driver that I regularly have clients in. 100% complete kit with X-Pipe & black high temp heat painted tips. This kit is complete from the headers to the...
  11. Taking off X pipe Roush, Corsa , or ? Axleback

    I have decided to take off the whole current FRPP Sport cat back and go back to the stock pipe w/factory resonator. It's just too loud for me and all the daily driving with an auto car. So.... I'm looking for an axle back kit that will be the right amount of growl without drone and a nice quiet...
  12. WTB full factory exhaust Las Vegas

    If anyone has a full factory pipe with or without the mufflers in Vegas LMK chris 7023570422
  13. Stock gt mufflers with borla X pipe ?

    Has anyone tried the borla catback pipes w/X and stock gt mufflers ? Im still looking for the right combo of noise vs sound in my ride.
  14. Who has Borla S-Type With The Resonator ? Too Raspy

    I have had numerous setups on my 15" thus far and I haven't found the right combo that I like. I am looking for input from anyone who has the Borla S-type and the Borla resonator or FRPP Sport with the resonator. I have the Full FRPP sport kit without resonator and I like the sound but it's too...
  15. What options do we have for interior gauge pods ?

    I haven't seen much if anything available yet for 15+ interior gauge pods. I was looking for a double a pillar or a clean looking dash pod. Anyone with something lmk please. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Who can make custom dash plate plaques ?

    I don't really like this generic plate on the dash, anyone here able to make custom ones ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Borla Atak Catback way too loud 4 me suggestions ?

    I recently added the whole cat back Borla Atak system that deletes the resonator and it sounds great cruising but when I get in it it's WAY to loud for my liking. I really love the sound on start up and the zero drone but I wonder if the S-types will be that much of a difference. These setups...
  18. Trade my Atak for your S-type axle back

    So I love the Atak sound but it's a tad bit too loud for me. Anyone interested in swapping their S-type axle back for mine ? Thanks Chris Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Ford Racing Roush install began today

    I really wanted to do a Hellion kit on my new 5.0 but I worked a deal I couldn't pass up for 0% @ 72months with the blower installed and under full Ford warranty 5 years or 60,000 miles. I was looking hard at a 13-14 Gt500 but after I drove my buddies I was sold 5 seconds later. Ford has really...
  20. Brand New 2015 GT Catback Exhaust Make offer Vegas

    I just brought my new 5.0 home and will be adding a new catback exhaust next week so If anyone needs the factory exhaust make me an offer. I will split it up if just the mufflers are wanted. I have plenty of feedback I can provide on SVTperformance and ebay. Chris