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  1. Ford Dealership Models are Changing!

    Check out this link from Ford Authority: This should create lots of interesting banter!
  2. Piggy-Back Tunes

    I saw this story about piggy-back tunes on Ford Authority regarding the 2022 Maverick and was curious if anyone has heard whether this will also be a consideration for future Mustangs?
  3. Experience with adding a Transmission Cooler to a MT82

    Hi Brethren: I've already had the Full Tilt Boogie Racing rear diff cooler installed on my '17 PP1 with suspension modes. Next on the list is a cooler or the MT82. Has anyone had any experience procuring a Ford Performance or another after market unit and adapting it to the MT82? I'm giving...
  4. Fox 2 Computer Control Module Issue(s)

    Hi All: I have a friend who is about to sell his 1995 GT that he loves dearly and is in really nice shape, due to what has been diagnosed as a computer issue. Basically, the car won't start at times. And yes, he's had everything, and I mean everything electrical replaced that could possibly...
  5. Experiences with Drivetrain Cooling Under Track Conditions

    Hi All: I've been reading about the various ways to keep our S550's as cool as possible during track situations. Rear differential coolers, larger radiators and front mounted oil coolers, etc. A bit of information I seem to be seeing more frequently has to do with increasing airflow through...
  6. Simultaneously Humerus and Frustrating

    Like many of you, I periodically receive the "Time to Upgrade" letters that my local Ford Dealership sends out. I know these are probably computer generated by some vehicle size and/or pricing algorithm...but really! They want me to trade my daily driver, a 2016 Focus ST2 in on an...
  7. Has anyone had experience with this belt system?

    It appears that it would be an intriguing application for mostly street, sometimes track situations:
  8. Staggered versus Square Tires Setup on S550 with Performance Package

    I recently purchased a set of ForgeStar wheels from Vorshlag so I can run 305/19/30's at at all four corners with Bridgestone RE71R tires. My understanding is that this new square set up will reduce under-steer. My question is to what degree? I'm just getting back into HPDRE Track Events...
  9. 2017 Performance Pack Stock Wheel Question:

    As my Pirelli P-Zero's begin to reach the end of their lives, I'm considering the purchase of two additional rear wheels, (19 x 10.5), to replace the narrower fronts. Anyone had any experience in doing this? Wondering if having 275 x 19's all around add to handling performance along with the...