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  1. Noise after an acceleration on an on ramp.

    Ticking at cruising No ticking at idle No ticking when throttle is depressed more than holding a speed. Not aware of any performance loss.
  2. ScanTool 426101 OBDLink MX Bluetooth: Professional OBD-II Scan Tool for Android & Win

    I am having problems with setting this up on windows 7. Is there anyone that can help me . I made it the whole way to the windows pc quick startup guide.Step 7: Install the OBDwiz application.Step 8: Initial Software Setup is where i am stopped.The Auto Detect returns no devices. I have been...
  3. WTB 2016/2017 premium sync 3 apim and sync 3 screen

    Starting to collect parts needed to finish the base to sync 3 swap. Looking for non navigation. Thanks Jim
  4. Trade me sideskirts. Oxford white

    Anybody wanna trade me sideskirts? You give me your factory ones and $400.00 and I'll give you a pair of cdc outlaw sideskirts sanded built and painted . Just not into them. Maybe they have to grow on me.would prefer a local swap. Please pm me Manheim Pa
  5. California special grille

    Looking for a California special style grille. Does anyone make one yet?
  6. My car is wrecked looking for options?

    Ok I'm gonna be looking to upgrade my ecoboost . Looks like hood, grill, side rockers. What are my options? I'm want to have a different look on my ecoboost. Please post links. Thanks Jim
  7. Front end body panels

    Ok I'm gonna be looking to upgrade my ecoboost . Looks like hood, grill, side rockers. What are my options? I'm want to have a different look on my ecoboost. Please post links. Thanks Jim
  8. Boo hoo hoo :(

    I was sitting still. Bus cuts corner right on me. My question is do ya think it could be totaled? I'm extremely upset she only has 3,000 miles . Now I might have to drive a wrecked Mustang ecoboost for 10 plus years:( . Is there a silver lining? Is there anything I can do to make this...
  9. Wider ecoboost PP wheels

    Anybody out there find any 10 inch or 11 inch wide ecoboost PP wheels yet? Just wondering if anybody makes them yet. Thanks
  10. American Muscle , Livernois , Johnny Lightning and any other peeps that ran a stock e

    I went to the track last night Cecil County Maryland Dragway I came away with a 15. 7 at 99.3 and a 14.7 at 99.7 . I launched off idol and when it hits boost it spins flat shifting into second it's spinning flat shifting in the third it's spinning. That was the 15.7 . Granny shifting in the...
  11. Ecoboost Jims exhaust. $225.00

    Cut out the resonator Weld in 3 inch mandrel bent 90° from the factory down pipe to the 3 inch inlet of the straight through design muffler.We took out the flex piece on the factory pipe. Weld in new muffler. 3 inch inlet dual 2.25 outlets...
  12. What do your seats look like???

    Here is my base EcoBoost performance package interior
  13. Looking for a way to either widen my Eco PP Rear wheels or buy wider wheels

    Ok maybe a stupid question. I love my performance package deals so much I want them staggered . Are there any companies out there that make a wider than 9 inch PP ecoboost wheel?Obviously it won't be Ford.
  14. Give your Non Premium Mustang a Premium look.

    Taped off and sprayed Plastidip on lower valance. Not perfect but it was my first go at it.
  15. Cecil County Dragway April 10 Fri night Grudge Match

    I'm taking my S550 Ecoboost to the track for the first time. I'll be down there with friends but it would be cool to see some more S550 there repping. Hope to see yall there.
  16. Muffler delete for ecoboost

    Any body do a muffler delete with resonated or muffled tips? Keeping stock catback pipe and stock resonator. I know the stock mufflers are restrictive. If you have show us some sound clips and opinions . Thanks EBJ
  17. Lighted sill plates

    I was wondering if the wiring is there to hook up the lighted sill plate. I found the lighted sill plates for sale on eBay my car is a base EcoBoost and this is something that I would like to have. Again I'm just wondering if the wires are there and all you have to do is plug them in?
  18. Ecoboost performance wheels and tires for sale $1500 800 miles on them

    They are perfect condition . Never spun tires. Please inbox me. Lancaster Pa local delivery or pick up.
  19. Forum Discounts?

    Who gives forum discounts???
  20. Warranty friendly tuner from Ford Racing.

    Anybody have any news on this yet?