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  1. 2020 HEPR Insurance Value

    I am looking at Hagerty and trying to assess the Fair Market "replacement" value of my 2020 HEPR with +/- 10K miles. The last (3) lower mileage vehicles sold for an average of $173K with buyers premium included. What does the audience here think a realistic value is for insurance purposes...
  2. Dry Ice Detailing

    I have a buddy here in DFW that took my car in and did a dry ice detail to key components and even cleaned up the Alcantara steering wheel My vehicle Videos are posted on his IG account ~Tex~ #subzerodetail
  3. Looking at a 2022 Purchase

    Looking for ideas for a 2022 purchase maybe 2023 with supply chain issues. I have lurked mainly here in the 350 forum but lurked lately at the 500 and Mach forums. I’m going to keep my 2020 HEPR but want something else to flog on. Mach 1 seems to be a neutered 350 with the lower HP, Half...
  4. GT350 Digital Readout Between Gauges

    It there a cheat sheet anywhere on what all the readings are supposed to be reading during normal operations. Ranges, Maxes, etc?
  5. Anyone have good spare tire caddy ideas??

    Looking for caddy ideas to install around the compressor of my GT 350R. Thinking of road hazard items plus funnel and quart of oil, etc. needs to stay in place with vehicle motion. Thanks, Tex
  6. 350R HEP R Catch Cans

    I put 300 miles on it this week and pulled the passenger side today.