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  1. European Mustang Nationals at Santa Pod - 14th/15th July 2022

    This is THE Mustang event of the year!
  2. Fordpass applink ceasing soon

    FordPass - doesn't really work on pre-face lift (older) S550s. but is ok on MY19 onwards...So not worth even commenting on it if you have a preface lift really as you wont have the experience of the App as it is now. ... However they are discontinuing Journeys (telematics) Send destination to...
  3. Dealer Service recommendations

    Motorsport and Performance (MAP) - only place I would trust with mine for servicing ... however... Modurstang, Performance 28, GT101 and Ford dealer at Sandicliffe are all good too.
  4. UK modification & tuner shops

    all of them ....depending upon where you live! also Performance 28 in North East
  5. UK modification & tuner shops

    not yet - unfortunately close family member's death over Christmas sort of stopped all car work for a while - but watch this space!
  6. 4 week wait for inspection post Ford Assist recovery !

    Why not take it to Motorsport and Performance in Batley? they know more about Mustangs than Ford seem to! not too far away from you and they really do know their stuff
  7. UK modification & tuner shops

    so - i have had the suspension uprated (mainly steeda parts - IRS base kit, bushes etc etc and alignment, and cosmetic mods lowering - springs, spacers etc) also had a steeda closed air intake plus tune (MAP have their own dyno and take massive care, attention and time on the tuning) - the...
  8. UK modification & tuner shops

    it really depends upon where you live in the UK? personally i will always recommend Motorsport and Performance as they have a fantastic set of performance skills, great people and totally reliable... but also they are in the North of England, which is where I am based.
  9. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Seems to be more common than it should be! certainly clunks and squeaks seem to point to shockers most times!
  10. Which Map should I get?

    I will always go to MAP - every time - and I have been there several times with my current Mustang its not good form to knock a company publicly when you have no actual personal experience of them and only going on hearsay... in my opinion Others with good reputations are Modurstang and GT101...
  11. Show me Your Mach 1's UK !!!

    MAP have always been excellent to me, great workmanship and knowledge - I guess you really have to have been there to be able to comment about them... and yes, there will always be issues with every workshop or garage and yes not everyone is happy - but for me - they are really the best
  12. Tinting Reverse Light Lens

    Ha ha! - no wonder I couldnt find a "snap on" cover for the reverse light!
  13. Tinting Reverse Light Lens

    - "snap on covers"? I cant see any at all yes - there are replacement light units but a cover for the reverse light? nope! can i possibly ask a favor? - post a url? thanks
  14. Tinting Reverse Light Lens

    Hi! where are these "snap on covers"? I really like the idea - but no idea where to find them? (mine is a 2020 model) thanks in advance!
  15. Bristol Street Ford: Poor communication

    Perhaps, call-out the "cowboys" specifically. I'll start. Do not go to MAP!!! I have been to MAP a few times - what is your perceived (or real) issue with them?
  16. Steeda Progressive Springs

    Such as? and please DO give examples ...
  17. Blacking out under hood latch release

    funnily enough - I actually want to change the yellow to Twister Orange to match the rest of the car... watching this thread ....
  18. 2018+ Quad Exhaust Tips - Nicer Looking Option ?

    any update on theses "sleeves" or is it now a no go?
  19. 4x 25mm Wheel Spacers

    Ill leave it thanks - but thanks for the nudge @Adam83 :rockon:
  20. Cat back exhaust

    Yes - its a Direnza stainless exhaust - seriously £80????? Someone is getting a bargain!:like: not stupid loud, but a good roar and burble - I had this on my 2017 Mustang and it was damn good!