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  1. Magneride strut leaking.

    Have any of you guys experienced a leaking magneride strut? My front passenger side is a olily mess at the bottom of the strut, nothing running down from the top. It will get covered under warranty but the car only has 15k, 2020 HPP. I am running the FP Magneride Springs so not sure if that...
  2. Arizona *SOLD*OEM 2020 Taillights

    These came off my 2020 HPP, in like new condition. $400 Local AZ pickup only unless buyer wants to pay shipping fees outside of AZ.
  3. Baked on Diff oil on exhaust pipes.

    What have you guys used to get baked on diff oil off exhaust pipes under the car? I've had 2 pinion seals replaced already at 13500 miles on car. 1st was done at 2300, 2nd one today at 13500 miles.
  4. Is 5w50 oil really needed in the HPP

    So the base 2.3 turbo calls for 5w30 and the HPP calls for 5w50. I know the turbo is a bit bigger and I actually run the NX2 but what all intells the difference for oil? Is there different tolerances and specs within the engine or does ford just assume because you got the HPP your going to track...
  5. Arizona *SOLD*Morimoto XB smoked GT style taillights

    These were on my car for less than 200 miles, perfect condition plug and play with sequential round flash. Went clear euros instead. Asking $250, local pickup in AZ only. If interested in more picks txt me 480678547three. Steve
  6. Arizona MMD Performance Pack Chin Spoiler for 18+ ecoboost/GT

    I have a like new, no scuffs MMD Chin spoiler for performance pack 18+ ecoboost or GT. Local pickup in AZ only. Asking $200, if interested in more pics shoot me a txt 480678547three. STEVE
  7. 2022 U.S Spec Euros

    Any idea when we'll see part #'s for the 2022 U.S spec clear tails?
  8. VLand single mode euro question

    Does anyone know with the single mode vlands if you still have to run the yellow 3rd brake light wire? I was told only the 5 mode ones use that wire.
  9. 2022 U.S spec clear tail light part#?

    Sorry if I've missed this somewhere but has ford released part #s for the US Spec clear tail lights yet? I haven't been able to find anything yet.
  10. Arizona Ford Performance GT350 Track Pack Spoiler

    This is a Ford Performance GT350 track pack spoiler, bought it knew and ran it for a bit before swapping to the FP GT500 spoiler. It is in excellent condition but will need new adhesive. I have a template if needed. Local pickup in AZ only. Shipping rates are stupid right now! Asking $300 Txt...
  11. Arizona ☆SOLD☆CPC Coolant Reservoir Cover

    In excellent condition, $60 shipped. Will fit 2015-2021. Txt 4806785473 Steve
  12. Arizona *SOLD*Roush Rear Valance Aero Foil Kit

    These will fit 2018-21 GT and 19-21 Ecoboost with Active Exhaust. In excellent condition. On car for a few miles before switching to RTR rear valances. $110 shipped. Txt is quickest 4806785473 Steve
  13. 2020 HPP Magnetic RTR Build

    I picked up a Fully loaded 2020 HPP in Jan of this year and have really enjoyed modding it out. I'm new to the forum and will continue to post on this thread as I continue the build.Here is my list. RTR Tech7's 19x9.5 +33 offset RTR Rear diffuser RTR rear splitters RTR Side splitters RTR Hood...