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  1. Lincoln version of the GT500?

    Saw this, and it raised some intrigue. Wonder how many people would be interested in a Lincoln version of the GT500 if they ever built one?
  2. Grabber Yellow on GT500 spotted. Production of 2021's alongside 2020's?

    I agree that less green is good, so hard to tell from pictures, will be good to see a real life example to really know
  3. Ford Announces GT500 Program for Model Years 2021 and 2022

    Curious, has anyone actually seen a 2021 order guide to pick what they want for their 2021 orders?
  4. Speed Phenom is selling his GT500 CFTP...

    What ever he is doing is working, look how much attention this thread has given him and I am sure he received a bunch of new “clicks“ too. We all have a choice on what to look at. All the power to him
  5. SavageGeese's 2020 GT500 in-depth review "Where does it end?"

    Great video. I love each review I watch, and the ear to ear grin each driver has when they tromp on the gas, can’t wait!
  6. Factory Spare Tire

    Thanks for sharing the pics, does eat up a lot of space as you mentioned. Question for north american GT500 owners, is there any sort of flat tire solution that comes with the cars here?
  7. Real spare tire for the 2020 GT500

    Hi, can you send us a pic of the trunk space with the full size spare?
  8. My GT500 story

    Car looks great, congrats on following your dreams, live each day!
  9. 2021 order bank open?

    So the 2021 MY mustang order guide was seen today. Does anyone have any idea when the 2021 MY GT500 guide will be released?
  10. Delivered! Quick impressions, it's worth it!

    Love that colour, that’s the colour I am ordering for my 2021 GT500
  11. 2021 Mustang Ordering / Production Dates

    Any word on when the 2021 Mustang order guide will be out? Also has anyone heard when Canadian 2021 order banks will be opening? same as US October 12?
  12. My 2020 Shelby GT500 tranny damaged by shop!

    Yikes! Scary, glad you were able to get the replacement pan so quickly and back on the road to enjoy that beauty. Crap happens but it is still frustrating, good on you for taking the high road.
  13. Rapid Red Metallic GT500 pictures

    Looks awesome!
  14. Looking at Next Year Production for GT500 CFTP

    I hope I haven’t been suckered, I will have a chat with the dealer
  15. Looking at Next Year Production for GT500 CFTP

    Lol, I sure hope so, will let you know if the dealer doesn’t pull through with his claim and my deposit.
  16. Looking at Next Year Production for GT500 CFTP

    This SVT dealer had 7 last year and yes they have confirmed 6 for 2021, deposit has been paid. I have #3 of the 6.
  17. Rapid Red Metallic GT500 pictures

    Thanks fellas, this looks real sharp!
  18. Rapid Red Metallic GT500 pictures

    I too would like to see pics with the black roof and stripes
  19. Looking at Next Year Production for GT500 CFTP

    Hey Houston, I am from Canada so this info my not apply to your dealership. I placed a deposit this week at my dealership who has 6 GT500’s allocated for 2021. I didn’t ask if any of his allocations were CFTP as I am interested in the Base. But as far as dates he said he expected the order banks...
  20. Introduce yourself!!

    Hey Everyone, my name is Darryl and I am from Alberta Canada. Although I am not officially a S550 owner yet, I am an avid Mustang fan and enthusiast. In the stable I have a 1968 GT Convertible, 1969 Mach 1 428 SCJ, 1990 7Up convertible with 858 original miles, 2000 Cobra R with only 164...