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  1. Kenne Bell Unveils New 2018-2019 3.2L Quad Intercooler

    That’s true! I wouldn’t buy it. 🤣
  2. Kenne Bell Unveils New 2018-2019 3.2L Quad Intercooler

    There’s one for sale on FB. He says it’s the only one, actually running on a car
  3. Need some help diff swap/axle issue

    I think I got stuck with the freight. It was like $150 for the stub
  4. Need some help diff swap/axle issue

    See my post 2 up. They sent me the correct stub shaft and I swapped it myself. I had to pay for it, but they gave me credit when I shipped the wrong one back
  5. Check engine light after header install

    Often times, the defoulers do not work, an O2 simulator will work. It is just to get rid of the CEL, but worth it for me
  6. Thank you Hellion

    Gotcha. The compression drop will definitely help with the fueling issue and at a reliable 725-750, it should be a fun car. Enjoy
  7. Thank you Hellion

    Hopefully, Will has all the parts. My Lvl3 took closer to 5 months. Waiting for the MLX head gaskets & studs. I’m not sure I’d run a BAP on a 11k shortblock. Get a fuel system if you can swing it
  8. Thank you Hellion

    7psi will not “blow out” the rings. A lean condition will however cause ring land failure. I would install a good return style system. Initially, we put a DW400 in my brother’s Procharged car w/1050X. It made 735 on 93, but ran lean up top. He has since switched to a Fore twin 465 system and...
  9. Thank you Hellion

    Possibly try swapping #7 & #8 injectors and see if it follows and you get P0307
  10. Thank you Hellion

    Did you do new injectors too? What did that plug look like?
  11. Thank you Hellion

    Shit, here we go! 🤣🤣
  12. Thank you Hellion

    Sounds like scavenger pump may be leaking. Did you do a catch can or some type of breather on PVC and clean(driver) side?
  13. Thank you Hellion

    Honestly, both seem like ok guys, but they do some dumb shit and have horrible luck! 🤣
  14. Thank you Hellion

    🤣. Zander & Stang Mode. Zander had his mounted wrong. I’m not sure about Stang Mode. I know several guys running the same setup w/o issues. All mounted exactly like mine, so hopefully no issues for me either. I’ve seen 25 degree IAT drops w/o ice, so it’s definitely working
  15. Thank you Hellion

    She don’t do bad! 😉
  16. Thank you Hellion

    5.2 billet crank? Took mine almost 7 months. Waited on head gaskets for 2, I think
  17. Thank you Hellion

    A few pics
  18. Thank you Hellion

    Thanks. Yes, 1200whp. Probably max [email protected] on the smallest pulley. Recently installed my RPG long block, Frankenstein CNC heads, Max effort Whipple 3.0. Suspension is mix of Steeda, BMR & Viking. Everything you can possibly add
  19. Thank you Hellion

    Preachin to the choir, my man!