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  1. New Loud Exhaust Law

    Most states have something like this but there is an official test that should be done to actually ticket for it. I've seen the little portable decibel meters and they set it up a certain distance from your car and there is a certain decibel number and you either pass or fail.
  2. Clutch smell from gt 2015

    I know my tire smoke smell will hang around for a few days after some burnouts, sure its the clutch and not tire smell?
  3. Disable/turn off DRL while car is on and parked

    On my 2019 I have my DRL set to off but if the car is running, driving or parked, E brake set or not the little light bars are ALWAYS on. Like someone else mentioned it's probably something that has to be done in forscan or ??????????
  4. When I turn on the air conditioning, the engine seems to sound different

    The A/C compressor is a load on the engine, some estimate like 20hp so yeah it has to adjust the throttle slightly to maintain idle rpm
  5. Radials.... Didn't help

    It was absolutely because the tires are an inch taller. Better traction be damned they're still harder for the car to pull. But you are right that after your mods everything will be fine.
  6. Leroy Tire Trailer

    You're helping my point though. You're obviously not worried about the weight since you're running it still but what's NeverSatisfied doing that he needs a lighter version. I guess he's NeverSatisfied haha
  7. Leroy Tire Trailer

    What do you do with your car where you think you'd even notice the difference in 40#s on an almost 4000# car? not trying to be a dick but unless you're counting seconds around Willow Springs or tenths of a second in the 1/4 it won't matter.
  8. Where to buy attractive Mustang wearables ie coats, hats, shirts and so on? is the best you're gonna find other than cheap swap meet junk
  9. Exhaust questions

    I would just put a wrench on all the clamps to make sure they're tight but even if there are still tiny puffs I'd call it good.
  10. 87...89...91..93..Octane ??

    On Fords website where it states HP numbers it says "460HP (93 Octane)" and there's youtube videos of testing 87 vs 93 octane and seeing 20+ HP difference between the 2. I've run both in the car and can't really tell any difference but if the car pulls enough timing to not ping on 87 and makes...
  11. Ode to my convertible

    Convertible question. I've lived in the Phoenix AZ area my whole life and have always steered clear of convertibles probably because my only experience with one was my cousins 89' 5.0. The summer sun here when it's 115° is relentless and it seemed no matter how well the A/C worked your head and...
  12. Vintage wheel styles in bigger sizes?

    I like the look of a lot of the older wheels but obviously can't clear 15x7s on my 2019 GT. Honestly scrolling through the wheel options on discount tires website I don't like any of them. I'd like something like an 18x9 +22 offset to put them flush with the fenders. Found one website does...
  13. AC stretch belt help please

    Why can't you release some pressure from the tensioner and position it how you want?
  14. Fuel MPG

    They will run on 87 but Ford quotes their HP number on 93 octane I believe and have seen tests showing that while 87 is cheaper it also makes less power and gets worse mileage (maybe 1-2) because it has to pull so much timing so I run 91 (highest available in my area) in my GT. I average 22mpg...
  15. How to read the temp gauge?

    Not sure how well I explained all that. In short, no you didn't hurt anything and Fords analog gauges read either good or not good
  16. How to read the temp gauge?

    You didn't hurt anything. It'll throw a check engine light if too hot, then go into a limp mode if stupid hot then I would be worried. Ford C-H or L-H "gauges" have basically been dummy lights with needles for years. I've run a Scangauge on multiple Fords over the last decade and all are...
  17. Gloss black with silver lip

    What wheels will come on your car? I'll trade you mine. 2019 GT/CS factory wheels they're 19x8.5. I want a little wider and all solid gloss black.
  18. Has anyone widened a Roush wheel?

    Add the power, buy good sticky tires and see how it does, then consider wheel widening. An inch or so wider still won't always plant 700hp and as you said its just a street car. If you do ever get to a dragstrip buy a set of drag radials on 17s to plant the power for the night.
  19. psi

    Cold = in the morning after the car has sat all night and before the sun has a chance to hit them.
  20. psi

    Yes my 38 and 36 cold will be 42 and 40 in the hot AZ sun driving around town all day