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  1. Barton Hybrid 3 Shifter

    Hey guys, I have a Barton Hybrid 3 Shifter which is no linger needed as I have cancelled my order. Its in the original box ordered from Barton industries from the US. Interested PM me Price $950
  2. Twister orange MY21.5 or Grabber blue California Special

    Hey guys, I am in a situation to chose between an TO MY21.5 or a GB California Special. I love the TO colour but I cant order one, went and placed an order for a GB in california special edition. Now, I found a new TO in a dealership. Not sure which way to go and need your expert advice on this...
  3. Recommendation for car covers...

    Hey guys, I can't access the covercraft website or see the custom cover options in supercheap auto as well. Is covercraft permanently closed? If so, can you guys recommend a car cover for the mustang with damage protection? Thank you
  4. One more help guys !! Angle of bend...

    Hey guys, can any of you help me with the angle at which the front bumper cover bends at the license plate area? Reason: I have a metal plate that can serve as a number plate bracket but it is flat. I am expecting my mustang to be delivered in a few weeks. If I know the angle, I can make the...
  5. Guys !! need your advice...

    Guys need help in choosing... I am after a velocity blue colour. Since it is getting discontinued, I am looking for used ones. Luckily I found 2. Vehicle 1 - Used VB Mustang GT Manual with recaro seats, black pack & magneride with 8k kms odo - Asking $81k. I never used magneride before. Rest...
  6. Barton Pull up or Push down

    Hey guys, need your help here. I am planning to get the Barton Hybrid 3 short throw shifter. I learned from the CJ website that there is a pull up and push down version. Pull up is the factory way I guess. Can you pls explain what's the difference and which one is better... Link for the product...
  7. Ford Oz's lowering suspension kit

    Hey guys, I am ordering a Twister Orange GT MY21.5 with Magneride. I was thinking to get the lowering suspension kit offered by Ford Australia. Does any of have this lowering kit in yours? Any review on this is much appreciated...Thanks in advance
  8. What are these?

    Hey guys, I just saw a carsales ad for a 2020 GT FN Manual. Can you guys help me identify the side scoop or vent installed on this beast? Pic below. Thank you
  9. For Sale!! Stock 2016 Mustang GT Exhaust

    Selling the stock GT exhaust. Don't know if anyone will be interested. I am selling it for $250. I just need this gone so that I can free up space in my garage. I am ready to negotiate. Pick up only. Interested please PM me.

    Selling brand new VELOSSA TECH BIG MOUTH RAM AIR KIT GT MUSTANG for $150. The kit is in Red colour. Pick up or can ship at buyer's expense. Interested please PM me.
  11. For sale!! Anchor room darker tint kit

    Selling brand new anchor room standard darker tint kit for $110. The kit includes every exterior light on the 2015-2017 Ford Mustang. Pick up or can ship at buyers expense. Interested please PM me.
  12. For sale!! Stickerland red tint kit

    Selling the Stickerland red tint kit (incl. 2x3-set rear brake light tint, 2xside marker tints, 3rd brake light tint, 2xrear lower bumper marker lights tint). Price - $85 Pick up or can ship at buyer's expense Interested please PM me.
  13. For sale!! Covercraft custom fit car cover

    Selling brand new Charcoal grey custom fit covercraft mustang car cover for $500. The package has opened when received. Haven't used it on the car. Just opened it and checked. Comes with the lock and cable kit. I have attached an image of the order page to give you guys an idea on what I am...
  14. [SOLD] For sale!! GT350 style starter button

    Selling used Shelby GT350 style starter button for $30. Comes with the manual and plastic screw. Pick up or can ship at buyer's expense. Interested please PM me
  15. For sale!! Lakin brackets

    Selling my pony's used Lakin brackets for $110. The brackets fit the following dimensions FRONT DIMENSIONS: 84X372MM BACK DIMENSIONS: 107X372MM Comes with all the required screws. Pick up or Can ship at buyer's expense. Interested please PM me.
  16. [SOLD] For Sale !! UPR Matte black emblems

    Selling Brand new UPR Matte black emblems (Front pony, 2x5.0 side emblems, Rear GT) for $220. All the emblems are brand new. Opened the package only once to check the contents. Pick up or Can post at buyer's expense. Interested please PM me
  17. For Sale!! Ford Performance Blank Decklid

    I have sold my car because I had go for a bigger vehicle as the family got bigger. So I selling some of the parts which are either brand new or in excellent condition. Ford Performance Blank Decklid (Brand new) - $300 - Didn't get a chance to install it on the car. So it is new, package...
  18. Brand new BLACKVUE DR650GW-2CH 16GB + POWER MAGIC PRO Wi-Fi

    Hi Stangers, Selling my brand new "BLACKVUE DR650GW-2CH 16GB + POWER MAGIC PRO Wi-Fi 1080P FULL HD DVR CRASH CAMERA". My better half bought the same model as a surprise gift. The package was opened once to check the contents. Bought it for $470. Selling it for the same price ($470)...
  19. WTB: Front Chin Spoiler

    Hi Guys, I am looking for the front chin spoiler (or splitter) that comes with the mustang from factory. Anyone who had already changed and are willing to sell their OEM front chin spoiler please send me PM :) This is what I need
  20. Stock Pirellis !!!

    Hello guys, Can you guys please comment on the performance of the stock Pirellis on the GTs. Are they holding up well during the cold and wet weathers? Do you recommend using them for all the weathers? I know many of you changed your tyres. What's the reason? Did you change just your tyres...