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  1. MT82-D4 rebuild thread

    Well as a counterpoint to other people's experiences with Calimer, I physically dropped my transmission off with them at their shop which was a pretty small but efficient spot. They've since expanded to a new facility with more space because of the demand. When I picked up my transmission the...
  2. 15-17 Cam Opinions

    L&M also make a set of cams which is what I run. I was having my heads rebuilt anyway so sliding in new cams didn't add significantly to my cost of labor.
  3. When Adding a Supercharger…

    I had about 150 passes on my transmission at over 900rwhp with the rxt, something people told me constantly would be an issue. And it wasn't. Until it was. And ripped all the teeth off of 4th gear. The Mt82 guru Calimer himself will tell anyone what I just said.
  4. Custom carbon fiber driveshaft

    I busted a DSS CF shaft at 900whp on a non-prepped surface doing a burnout with radials. Separated the shaft from the yoke. I got them to replace it for free - sold the new shaft and switched to QA1. Now I make even more power but it's held nice and strong. I won't put DSS stuff on my car after...
  5. When Adding a Supercharger…

    The RXT will accelerate your need for a built MT82 at some point, as an FYI. It will depend on your driving style but if you like to bang gears, the RST will be more forgiving on the internals than an RXT and still live a long life at your projected power level. I love McLeod products and I...
  6. VA/MD area - Who are the well known/prefered butt dyno tuners?

    LOL nonsense. Probably just needed the tuner back to unlock the ECU so he can put what he wants on it. Adam works directly with Ford and Ford Performance and a couple race teams. He's not ripping off Lund, there'd be no gain. I have my frustrations with Rev Auto but tuning quality and...
  7. Anyone have a recommended tuner in Northern Va?

    I love Adam to death, he's my guy, but this has always been an issue with his shop. Stopping by is the best way to do it.
  8. How many Calimer customers have an upgraded 26 spline inpput shaft?

    I upgraded to the 26 spline. It's a roll race / no prep car.
  9. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    I have a set of ID1000s if you're interested. Ran over 900whp on 'em.
  10. Piecing together procharger setup

    Counterpoint: buy once cry once. Overkill for today, but if (when) you want more, you already have the injector space.
  11. Boosted oil weight?

    Just to add my data point. I run Castrol Edge 5w50. I shift at 7800-7900rpm.
  12. Good Mustang Shop

    I'm in Anne Arundel county. It's nice to have such a good shop not that far from me. I've been meaning to get to down to Annapolis for a cars and coffee but haven't found the time. Probably later this month - I've got some racing the next few weeks but if I can keep the car together (lol) I'll...
  13. Custom carbon fiber driveshaft

    Could you build a slightly lighter CF driveshaft with lower HP/TQ requirements? I'm sure it could be done. Is the juice worth the squeeze? I doubt it. The QA1 unit (which I run on my car) is very light already.
  14. ESS G3 60-130 8 psi

    The fact that, if true and substantiated, ESS should skip consumer sales and go straight to OEMs with their breakthrough should be enough for us to step back and say "there's something we're missing here". 8#s AND you have catted headers makes even less sense. Boost is a measure of restriction...
  15. ESS G3 60-130 8 psi

    22-23PSI. I have a more conservative safety envelope than others and I'm capped at 21.5* of timing. Would make more at 23* and good alcohol.
  16. ESS G3 60-130 8 psi

    And what you guys are inferring/deducing lines up with everything we know about supercharging coyotes. 13-14 PSI makes 750whp all day on just about every kit and style of SC. I made 780+ at 14PSI with a D1SC on E85. Only turbo cars come close to making good power with single digit boost numbers.
  17. Anyone Dyno, Has physically Seen, ESS System 800+RWHP?

    As someone with a car actually at this power level who actually races, I don't care. If people want to believe ESS has created a supercharger that's more efficient than even the turbo cars, more power to them. It's utter nonsense.
  18. Good Mustang Shop

    I'm late to this but Revolution Automotive in Rosedale has done just about everything to my car. Adam, the shop owner, is close with Ford and a couple of race teams. It's the only shop I trust to touch my car. They are....not fast. But a lot of Mustang knowledge in that shop.
  19. Anyone Dyno, Has physically Seen, ESS System 800+RWHP?

    0% chance of making 1100 to the tire at under 18lbs of boost.
  20. I sprung for a Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    The QA1 unit is very nice, it's what I have. It's a little more than half the weight of the stock driveshaft, a significant improvement.