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  1. New shoes!

    Hey all, I have to post because I'm excited. After ordering in October, my new wheels finally arrived! VSForged VS03 19x10 Gloss Black, MPS4S 285/35/19 VSForged VS03 19x11 Gloss Black, MPSS 305/35/19
  2. Cracked Carbon Fiber Help

    Hello, I just noticed a hairline crack in my carbon fiber hood. It is a hairline crack and does not appear to be very deep. When hit by the correct lighting, it is highly noticeable though. I need to fix this immediately in order to prevent the crack from becoming too large however. Any advice...
  3. Road rage incident

    Hey all, I’m just here to vent. Let me start by saying I’m in the metro detroit area and I work downtown and nearly every day I find myself nearly getting into a car accident because of the way other drivers behave around here. It’s a serious issue. I’ve been getting thinner patience every day...
  4. Michigan WTT Carbonized Grey Trunklid + OEM PP1 Spoiler for spoiler delete trunk lid.

    As title states, I have a carbonized grey trunk lid with an OEM PP1 spoiler. I’m looking to trade the pair for another carbonized grey trunk lid with a spoiler delete. In the detroit area.
  5. Michigan 2018+ Carbonized Grey OEM Hood

    Selling my stock OEM Carbonized Grey hood. Like new quality - no rock chips, swirl marks, or damage of any sort. Was switched out at about 4K miles. This hood has Ford’s paint protection package on it. I believe that’s something along the lines of a ceramic but the hood does seem more resistant...
  6. Michigan 2021 OEM Mustang Taillights

    These were replaced with euro spec taillights when my car was brand new. Asking $500 OBO.
  7. Wheel/Tire Sizing Help

    Hello, currently I have a 2021 PP1 Mustang GT. I plan on upgrading to a 295/30/19 and 325/30/19 staggered setup. As of right now, the ride is stock height. Once the new setup goes on I will lower it a little bit just to close up the wheel gap. What offset/wheel specs should I be looking for if...