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  1. Iowa Misc Procharger parts.

    Procharger parts for sale Pulleys 1 – 8 rib 4.75” 1 – 8 rib 4.63” 1 – 8 rib 4.38” Belts 1 – K080670HD 2 – K080665HD 1 – K080645HD 1 – KO80660HD 1 bx of brand new Procharger oil. 1 new Procharger Pro-Flow Bypass / Anti-Surge Valve I used filter off of MAK intake All or...
  2. Iowa Weld S71 complete drag set with tires.

    Complete drag setup for sale. 2 – Weld S71 17x10 bead locks with billet aluminum lug nuts and caps. 2 – Weld S71 17x5 fronts with billet aluminum lugs and caps. 2 – Mickey Thompson ET Streets 305/45R/17’s - 2/3 life left. 2 – Mickey Thompson Sportsman SR 28/6R/17’s – like new. Will not separate...
  3. Iowa Antigravity ATX30-HD battery -$300

    Had this in a 900hp+ 2015 Mustang for approx. 4 months. Worked fantastic. Great weight reduction Mod. The NEW Antigravity ATX30-HD battery is a High Power, lightweight Lithium replacement for the YTX-30 Lead/Acid battery, as well as YIX and GYZ models. This is our HEAVY DUTY version, designed...
  4. Iowa ID1300's like new - $1000

    Low miles - used with E85 only Basic Specifications Nominal Flow Rate – 1340cc/min @ 3.0 Bar (43.5 psi) Using Iso Octane at 52 Degrees C (125 Degrees F) Maximum Differential Fuel Pressure – 6.0 Bar (87.0 psi) Fuel Compatibility – Compatible With All Known Fuels – (Designed Specifically for...
  5. Iowa 2015 GT PP - Boosted - Wrecked

    2015 GT PP - Boosted - Wrecked This car had the best of everything. I will be parting out in the future if I cant sell the entire car as is. This post is for the whole car as not ask how much for this and that I will not respond. I will create a post in the future listing all parts for...
  6. PP cars in Iowa

    I have a pair of stock front PP rotors off of a 2015 GT that I am going to toss if no one wants them. Im in Des Moines and these are freebies if someone wants a very good pair as spares. Calipers are gone, this is just for rotors. Way to heavy to ship.
  7. Iowa 18" Front Drag setup - will clear brembos

    2- Darkstar – 18x5 complete with caps and lugs – These will clear Brembo’s 2-Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R 28x6x18, radial, black wall, directional, H speed rating These are like brand new. Been on the car once. $700.00 complete set. Will ship on your dime. Complete wheel and tire 46lbs each.
  8. Looking at a Whipple car log

    Posting for a friend. His car, Whipple tuned by Lund E85. Mine Procharger tuned by Lund E85. He is having some surging, backfiring when shifting. Although the car feels strong something is not right. I thought by comparing my logs to his something might stand out. I noticed a few things. 1) His...
  9. Intake manifold gaskets

    What are you running for intake gaskets? Picture below shows two types available. Is one right or wrong or better than the other? Bottom of my intake has provisions for either one.
  10. ATI balancer with Procharger

    Who all is running an ATI balancer on a Procharger setup that has had no problems? What kind of boost, HP, RPM, miles on combo do you have? After four years boosted I am finally putting in OPGs and TS. While I am doing this thinking about changing balancers. I was going to go with Innovators...
  11. Plastic procharger inlet

    How in the hell did you get this installed? Just found out a few weeks ago that PC changed their inlet to this plastic elbow. After hours....yes hours...and slicing and dicing my hands and arms I haven't figured out how to get it on...just no room. I have a 2015 with the D1X stage 2.....mounting...
  12. GT Sleeved Gen II forged short block + Gen II heads and parts.

    EDIT w UPDATE - Sweetening the pot a little. Adding pics and additional parts. Gen 2 heads - mild bowl blending with PAC1234 springs. Brand new stock cams, lifters, followers, MMR cam cap hardware ,Cometic gaskets, Boundary OPGs and TS. $10,500.00 for everything (short block, heads, all parts...
  13. D1X tuned and dynod

    D1X @15 psi on E. 4.5 pulley...was expecting more I guess.
  14. GT Procharger P1SC-1 HO tuner kit

    Procharger HO kit for 15 up for sale. This kit is 90% complete. I kept some things when I switched to the stage 2 set-up. You would be looking (educated guess) at an additional $300-$500 for needed items. This system uses your stock tensioner and the 6rib pulley system (one belt drives...
  15. test blown

  16. Question on heads

    For those of you that have disassembled and reassemble coyote heads...have a question. Putting together a set of heads for motor build and thought I had all the pieces and parts. Then I read something about a thrust washer but I cant seem to find it anywhere in a parts break down. Anyone can...
  17. Engine fastener hardware

    Building a motor from scratch basically and accumulating parts. Anyone know of a place to find bolt sizes and qtys (oil pan, timing cover, oil pick-up tube, etc.)? Got the big stuff covered (head bolts, main bolts, balancer) but the small stuff I cant find info on anywhere.
  18. Guys running double keyed crankshaft

    Got a couple questions on double keyed crankshaft. Did you also extend threaded hole in crank? Did you double key crank sprocket or just the balancer. Getting short block machine work done and have a double keyed Innovators West HB
  19. Coyote head exploded view

    Looking for a good exploded view of Coyote heads...Also head component torque specs.
  20. GT WTB 15-17 stock camshafts

    Looking for some stock 15 - 17, 5.0 cams...maybe from someone that did a upgrade or trashed a bottom end. Let me know what you got.