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  1. Sub belt mounting point for factory recaros?

    What's the best way to mount/run the sub belt on Recaro seats in a 15 GT.
  2. Best rear seat delete?

    Full cage going in makes the back seats worthless anyway. Might as well put a nice rear seat delete in. What is a good quality one?
  3. 6R80 or TH400

    Swapping to auto and turbo. Will street drive the car more than strip. 1100+ rwhp. Which do you suggest and why.
  4. STFT2 stalls out intermittently

    Whipple stage 2 car 3.25 pulley, fore fuel system, PBD Ngauge tune. Exhaust ect ect. Sometimes the STFT2 goes to zero, doesnt move no matter what I do with the throttle, done it at a light, done it driving. Nothing i can figure out that makes it happen. CEL flashes whiles its happening. Lasts...
  5. Fog light delete kit and Whipple tank.

    My fog light deletes hit my whipple coolant tank keeping the bumper from mounting. Anyone else have this issue, fix?
  6. Missouri New black Race Star Recluse rears.

    17 X 10.5 +4 . Opened one for picture . Went another route. Will ship, but on your dime. Located outside of Springfield. 65714 600 obo

    Good, bad, ugly stories?
  8. Missouri 72lb injectors from Whipple stage 2

    Have maybe 1500 miles on them pulled for 1000cc and Fore system. Professionally installed and removed. 275 shipped.
  9. Red Recaros

    Anyone know if you can order Red Recaros? I really want a set.
  10. Whipple gen 3 stage 2 3.5 pulley folks, come in

    Curious where your numbers land. 3.5 pulley E85, Fore double pump kit, 1000cc injector. Longtubes no cats. What are you making? Please
  11. Anyone buying bulk E85?

    By the drum or anything?
  12. Whipple Gen 3 guys, 3.375 or 3.250?

    Where are you guys power wise? Belt slip? Debating on which pulley to go down to.
  13. Sequencer needed for euro tails please. Anyone figure it out?

    Looking for sequencers for euro tails. And smaller whipple pulleys.
  14. How hard/easy is it to clay bar?

    I have actually never done this before, but want to ceramic coat my car if I dont wrap it. Can you rub through the clear easily or is it not that abrasive? Way back when I was told it was easy to over do it, but that was 10+ years ago and maybe its easier now?
  15. Bogart drag wheels?

    Anyone carry or that can get a deal on a set of bogarts?
  16. MRR FS06 wheels in colors?

    Does anyone have any of these that arent black or Grey? Thinking about changing the color of mine (black). My car is Ignot Silver.
  17. GT Michelin S4S 305/30/19 pair Low Miles 450 OBO

    2 tires only. Swapped out to ET Street SS tires in the rear. These have less than 2k on them. Buyer pays shipping or can Pick up near Springfield Mo
  18. GT Mustang GT PP wheels and tires 1100 OBO

    I upgraded to wider wheels and tires due to getting a whipple installed. Tires have maybe 2k on them. Excellent tread. Ohtsu SP8000 tires. A few rubs from carwash tracks but no scratches. I took photos of all the rub marks. Buyer pays shipping. Located in Missouri if someone wanted to pick up.
  19. Time for round 3... help with parts...

    Ok car is a 2015 PP Premium. Whipple stage 2 full kit. Cradle lock out Opg and timing gear Which clutch is suggested? What about gears, I've seen some say 355 and others 331. 19x11 rest wheels with 325/30/19 mt et street s/s Need a good e85 fuel system Shifter Custom tune with fuel system...
  20. Is Fore really the only full kit out there?

    Have a stage 2 whipple and want to let it roar some. Is Fore the only guys in the pool