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  1. New whip!!

    Just picked it up. Gladiator Sport S with the max tow option. It's only been a couple of hours, but this thing is a blast. Can't wait to get off road
  2. New Ranger or Silverado?

    Well, I'm changing jobs, and therefore losing my company truck. I really don't want to daily the stang, so I'm looking for a new whip. The Cherokee is set to be traded on a new Bronco or a drop top Jag, if things go well. I really like the versatility of a truck, so that's the direction I'm...
  3. Great idea, or is it? Banning te Carolina Squat

    When I saw this, at first I thought "Great! this is the dumbest thing ever." Then, what if the same people that don't like the Carolina Squat decide they don't like any modified car.
  4. June Discount Code TNiA

    Does anyone happen to have the June discount code?
  5. Oil drain plug and key fob questions

    I know, two completely random questions. 1. So the drain plug. I keep seeing on here where people have this weird drain plug with some sort plastic clip/contraption. Would that be standard on 2017? I have the regular old drain plug bolt. Nothing fancy, no plastic in sight. The car only had...
  6. ZL1 Addons Tow Hook Install

    I bought the tow hook, with the camera mount right after Christmas. Finally got around to getting installed this weekend, so here's my write on that, since it doesn't come with instructions. 1. I backed the car into the garage, with the front wheels just over the lip. I was hoping I could use...
  7. Local High School Car Show

    Some pics from one of the local high schools car show. Son and grandson in the first couple of pics. Not sure exactly why we need the armed troop transport and mobile command center....
  8. Cell phone gurus

    My LG 30 has just about reached its life span. The battery will last ok if I leave it on my desk. If I actually use the phone, it won't last the day. I really don't want an iPhone, and I'm anti- Samsung. Does anyone have any experience with the OnePlus?
  9. Might be time for a change

    So, I had a flat yesterday, and after pulling the wheel off (MRR M600 in gunmetal) and putting the nickel luster PP wheel back on, I really liked the way the wheel stood out. So now I'm thinking, should I get the wheels powder coated, and if so what color, or should I save up and spring for a...
  10. Hearing Aids

    Well, it's been a tough week. Beside all of the normal bs, I was told I (by a professional, my family has been telling me for a while) need hearing aids. I went and tried some out, and was amazed at how much I really couldn't hear. The audiologist then showed me how much those little fuc'ers...
  11. Wax for white cars

    Waxing the stang is easy enough. But my truck is a different story. it's white. When the wax cures and is ready to be buffed off, it's hard to tell where the wax and if I got it all. Is there a good wax that cures/dries to something other than whiteish?
  12. What's everyone using on tinted windows

    What's the best thing for windows that have been tinted?
  13. Sam's Big Brisket post

    So, here's the start of the brisket cook with pics. Step 1. Immediately apply.
  14. Need a little help: Exhaust tip removal

    Need some help / advise / tips on removing exhaust tips. I want to change out my chrome for some carbon fiber ones. Is the best way a hammer and screw driver and drive the tips offs?
  15. Anyone see this on Hagerty? The end of the Hellcat
  16. Ford's move to become an EV leader

    Thought some here might find this a little interesting. I'm sure others will shit all over it!
  17. Headed that way

    Looks like I'm headed to Panama Beach in a couple of weeks for a "vacation" with the wife and my father-in-law. Since I'm going to down that way, looking to see if anyone knows if, say, Steeda, or BMR, or AM have an actual showroom near there. There's nothing in the KC area, I have to order...
  18. Mirror caps or new mirror pieces

    I was looking at the MMD carbon fiber mirror caps. It looks like they just slide over the exiting cap and attach with 3M tape. My searches keep turning up the same mirror cap covers, as opposed to replacement pieces. 1. Do the MMD covers look too bulky / gaps / out-of-place? 2. Does anyone...
  19. BBK - frustrated

    I've been trying to order, from various sites, the BBK oil catch can. AM has it consistently shown it out of stock. I've tried a couple of the other usual suspects, and no one has one. I even tried BBK direct. They show on the website, but when I tried their email to verify if they have it in...
  20. Ozarks International Raceway

    Posted this in the southeast forum, but figured I'd drop it here as well. Looks like there's a new race track coming to the Ozarks. There's an instagram page for it, but I can't find anything else. Anyone here know anything about it?