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  1. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    4th year service yesterday lol
  2. Exhaust options for an Auto

    Yea i did same think luckily got my exhaust really cheep so dropped the resonator and put in xpipe love the sound now. resonator in loft I think it did 300 miles before i changed it out lol
  3. Proud new owner.

    congrats enjoy the car
  4. Stock Resonator vs Borla Resonator

    mines the euro version so was the quieter of the two sorry for delay just seen this lol
  5. Mustang spoiler

    spoilers always look good lol
  6. Stock Resonator vs Borla Resonator

    Not sure to be honest I did used to go but nothing been posted since lockdown and I’m not on Facebook I keep looking but nobody is posting meets on here if they still do them
  7. Ford Performance Power Pack 2

    Got mine from Gates ford in Stevenage they also fitted it no issues at all and makes the auto box so much better car kinda feels like this should have been standard rather than an upgrade altho its a minor update it changes the way the car drives and is so much better expensive for what you get...
  8. Stock Resonator vs Borla Resonator

    Its quite noisy on cold starts but only for like 30 seconds and it is more raspy than the v8 burble but also is the burbly noise to and if you just cruising round its not noisy until you apply the loud pedal . you are not a million miles away im in chesterfield area if you want to come and...
  9. Cruise to Shuttleworth

    I do believe it’s posted on simply mustangs face book page It was sent to me from a friend as I’m not on face book
  10. New Ford Performance TPMS sensors

    Just dif laws for allowed frequencies to be used in the uk and yea i would imagine they wont work
  11. Hood vents

    Yep that why I'm asking if anyone has the measurements for the position of them on the hood/bonnet i have searched the net but cant find a diagram of the position
  12. Cruise to Shuttleworth

    I do believe there is a meet at Northampton so a bit further to drive on the 11th July Sywell Aerodrome NN6 0BN 10.30-13.00
  13. Hood vents

    Lol I know he does them its just that he is about 400 mile round trip from chesterfield area
  14. Hood vents

    Stock US ones lol pre facelift
  15. Hood vents

    Does anyone have the dimensions for the holes need to be cut to fit the vents got mine a before car arrived still not fitted yet i think its about time they went on lol just need the measurements lol
  16. New owner to be...

    Nice enjoy mate and welcome to the forum
  17. Stock Resonator vs Borla Resonator

    I bought the quad tip exhaust Ford Performance by Borla it was the touring version found it too quiet with the Borla resonator so swapped it out for xpipe the resonator is in the loft did less than 300 miles on the car lol
  18. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Cleaned it over the weekend and taxed it lol
  19. Vehicle VED tax

    Mine stayed the same as last year but then I didn't sorn mine it was £475 which still pisses me off cos it should be that as car was a pre £350 a year extra car but cos Ford increased the price two weeks before the car was registered DVLA applied the new price taking it over 40K for tax purposes...
  20. New regs for engine nosie

    I cant see how they can pinpoint one car in a whole stream of traffic myself i know you can focus sound when its created but don't see how you can focus the receiving device down to one car along a stretch of road amongst all the other cars on the road at same time Also isn't sound cumulative ie...