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  1. Maine Wanted Whipple 3.675 pulley.

    I need a whipple pulley 3.675”
  2. VMP Odin Whine mod!

    Nice review and video on the Foster SC Mods Whine Mod kit.
  3. No supercharger whine at all (sound tune)

    Yeah...any time you connect to the inlet you will have all the sounds from the induction path, whine and suction inductions sounds and many love both. The whine mod increases in cabin whine and of course anytime you have loud music windows down and loud exhaust it will be drown out anything. The...
  4. No supercharger whine at all (sound tune)

    This will not work to increase exterior whine. The Foster Whine mod is an in cabin whine mod only.
  5. No supercharger whine at all (sound tune)

    Whine mod sounds like this inside.
  6. 91 and boost

    Many people push 91 in Cali with whipple combo 3.675" pulley 10 psi, but thats one the edge of knock and safe limits. Power from 650 to 680 wheel on that. Boostane flat out works and many having been running it daily for years without issue including myself. I make 790 with 10 oz boostane 93 and...
  7. Shawn Foster's Whine Mod ( FosterSCMods.Com )

    The induction sounds or air suction sounds are normal when connecting to the inlet pipe, however it can be easily reduced with a simple baffle like in this video below.
  8. Is Boostane really that bad for our cars?

    There is nothing in this video of value to prove or disprove MMT or boostane has any negative affects. This video is purely opinion, and not from a very credible source.
  9. Limits of stock Gen2 Coyote?

    I’ve been running 10 oz or boostane with 93 and a small shot of meth 50/50 making 790 wheel. I’m now running 16 oz boostane (half can) each tank for added safety as fuel has been shitty lately. Boostane in every tank for 2 years now.
  10. Maine MFP 6 rib crank support

    it doesn't require any modifications, just bolts on.
  11. Maine MFP 6 rib crank support

    it doesn't require any modifications, just bolts on.
  12. Maine MFP 6 rib crank support

    Still for sale.
  13. VMP Odin

  14. VMP Odin

    Just look at the screen shot and then the video attached and watch at 55 seconds. Why would they never mention in the entire video sales pitch it's run with open throttle body , no intake no filter nothing? Deceiving sales pitch in this video is all I'm saying.
  15. VMP Odin

    Shady as hell, especially since my first post which exposed this on page one was removed??? Watch this video and you'll see at 55 seconds they dyno this with no intake at all open throttle body, you can see it open and close on the dyno run. They don't seem to mention this when they call out the...
  16. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    Proud of you man, you are living the Mustang dream for sure. Can’t believe that beast with have 13” rear wheels
  17. What is the widest tire size you have used on your S550 Mustang? Share info & images

    I run G2 305/30 20 on 12" rear. Wheels were 20x10 with 35 offset and I had 2” welded to the inside.