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  1. Whipple dyno results

    So got her on the dyno today. Not exactly what i hoped for, but solid numbers. Lund reviewed the datalogs and determined fuel was limiting things uptop as car had to pull timing. It was ran in 6th gear. Stage 2, 3.875 pulley, id1050x injectors and a BAP.
  2. BMR k member road race version

    Is BMR going to put out a road race version of their k member? Everything i have in the rear is bmr so would prefer the same up front but don't want a drag racing one.
  3. From tragedy comes progress.

    So a few weeks ago I made a dumb mistake and backed into a truck that was parked like an ass hole at the end of my driveway,my fault, just dumb spot. Anyways, car had quite a bit of damage (about 4500) and part of repair required the roof wrap be removed. Decided rather than wrapping it again, I...
  4. Its FINALLY here!

    All 170 lbs of whipple boxes arrived finally. First look through seems to show everything is present. Just need to find the time to make the trip for the installation.
  5. Supercharger and storage

    If whipple ever decides to ship me my supercharger, my hope is to have it installed before i park the car for the winter. That said, do superchargers add any specific requirements while the car sits? The car is in the garage under a cover during the winter with trickle charger.
  6. Virginia Pp1 oil pressure/vacuum gauges

    Best price, 45 bucks shipped.
  7. Virginia Stock axles and drive shaft 10r80

    Came off 2019 gt 10 speed with about 6k miles. Totally undamaged. 100 bucks for the axles and 100 for drive drive shaft. Will ship but it will be spendy as they are pretty heavy.
  8. Virginia Velocity blue pp1 spoiler like new

    Velocity blue pp1 spoiler 250obo, buyer will need replacement nuts as i transferred them to my new spoiler. Will ship at buyers expense.
  9. I think i am done with astetics.

    I am super happy with the cars current looks. It has come together nicely. Just need the whipple to show up and I will be good to go.
  10. Bummer for the whipple install

    Talk about a kick in the nuts...I have been waiting for a while for my whipple, get confirmations that this is the week it will ship. I take time off next week for the installation only to find it out it will probably be another 2 weeks. Whipple Superchargers really needs to do better about...
  11. Virginia 2019 gt hood like new/ford performance hood struts

    installed a new cervinis hood, so selling my OEM hood. Hood includes factory insulator but seals were transferred to my new hood. Also selling ford performance hood struts, had to switch to cervinis with new hood. Looking for 200 for the hood and 50 for the struts. Will ship the hood struts...
  12. what spark plugs?

    I pulled the trigger on a whipple stage 2 kit a few weeks ago. Decided I wanted go with a custom tune, so switched to the tuner kit and got id1050 injectors leathal bap and lund tune. I just realized that the tuner kit drops the plugs as well so I want to know which ones will be best for my set up.
  13. Now the wait begins...

    Just dropped some serious money and pulled the trigger on a new whipple stage 2 kit with oversized heat exchanger and low temp thermostat. Also got opg/cs. Looking forward to its arrival.
  14. 11k budget

    I am still going back and forth on the best power adder for me is. Not looking for more than 700hp. I dont track the car and its not a daily driver. I have looked into whipple stage 2 and procharger quite a bit and have plenty of pros and cons for both. What is the best buy for my budget? Have...
  15. Pp1 spoiler value?

    I have decided I want a black MMD v series spoiler. I am curious what the going rate is for the factory pp1 spoiler? I used my work software and its ridiculously expensive from ford, but i know replicas are not that expensive. Looked in the for sale section and they seem to carry a wide margin...
  16. Wrapped my roof and blacked out emblems

    Today was a busy day. Got the roof wrapped in gloss black. After that got my black emblems installed. Pictures kind of suck because i had to do emblems after i finished work, will get better pictures when i get her cleaned up a bit.
  17. Black emblem kit

    I want to swap out my emblems to black ones. There seems to be a ton different places to get them and none that seem to be OEM. Who have you guys had luck with? Want to make sure they are not falling off on me in a few months. Thanks for your input.
  18. Virginia sold Like new pp1 wheels with tires/tpms/center caps

    I am selling my PP1 wheels. Only about 2500 miles on everything. Includes wheels in perfect condition, 4 factory michelin ps4 tires they have not been spun, babied for all 2500 miles (kind of depressing writing that), center caps and OE tpms sensors. Take off your boring set up and bolt these...
  19. Lowering springs install

    I am trying to decide on best path forward for getting some new springs installed. Scored an awesome deal on some steeda springs 1in drop for mag ride. Watched the cj pony install video and it doesn't appear to be something i could not do but I am very inexperienced with the hands on work. I...
  20. Ready for summer

    Well took her to get tint completed yesterday. Very happy with it. Went with 35 all around with the "middle of the road" option.