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  1. Speed Phenom is selling his GT500 CFTP...

    He just posted a video yesterday about the sale of the car. Have to say - I think the car is going to a good home based on the grin of the new owner.
  2. SavageGeese's 2020 GT500 in-depth review "Where does it end?"

    The Tremec makes a small pop too on upshifts but not every time. Dependent on the mode, traction and other variables. Overall it's very smooth.
  3. SavageGeese's 2020 GT500 in-depth review "Where does it end?"

    By far my favorite car review channel also. So much more in-depth than anything else out there. What they said about the car being a spiritual successor to the Terminator is so true. It's what I've been thinking all along coming from the 03-04 Cobra background myself. Very good review and you...
  4. Mustang Brake Recall

    Just curious as I don't trust 99.9% of the dealerships out there to work on my car - any chance you can just get the replacement part and then have a shop of your choice install?
  5. Speed Phenom is selling his GT500 CFTP...

    Touche. This is how all of the major car related YT channels work (TJ Hunt, Adam LZ etc etc).
  6. GT500 Most Difficult To Detail?

    Nothing touches the paint of any of my cars during drying. Doesn't sound like you used the right kind of electric blower. A good hydrophobic coating (EXOv4 etc) makes it much easier too.
  7. Truck Shipping

    FYI - most of the higher-end transporters (Intercity, Reliable etc) that deal with exotics have lift gates that you drive on, requiring hardly any ground clearance at all (less than an inch).
  8. Consensus on PPF and Ceramic

    Earlier you said: "Keep it clean, waxed, maintained, drive it and enjoy it. A Ford no less." That car averaged 270 miles a YEAR. Contradict yourself much?
  9. Consensus on PPF and Ceramic

    Huh? Don't follow your logic at all. It's a $100k+ car in most cases. Whether or not it's a Mustang / Ford is completely irrelevant. Guess you've never been to FL during the lovebug season. Paint gets ruined very quickly. Have my rather expensive car look like crap after the first year or keep...
  10. Who built your motor??

    Another one from Matt - super cool thread btw :) L3932