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  1. Indiana WTB stock leather seat skins front and rear set

    Leather needs to be black and in good condition thanks.
  2. Will a 305/50/20 fit the rear on an s550

    Looking at nitto NT555Rii for the rear and the 305/50/20s are over $100 cheaper than the 305/35/20s. I'm going with a 20x11 with a 50mm off set. Thanks
  3. Looking to get some aodhan Ds02 wheels which offset should i choose

    So I'm looking at some aodhan Ds02 wheels in gold vacuum. There are two options for the 5x114.3 bolt pattern +15 and +22 I'm not sure which one I should get I'll be going with the 19x9.5 in the front with 265 tires and 19x11 in the rear with 305 tires. Thanks
  4. Getting water through air vents when it rains.

    So I've been noticing when it rains and Im running my ac it feels like it's spitting out little water droplets at me I've never had this issue in any other car I've had. Any one else experienced this? Car is a 2020.
  5. Tuners dissappearing [closed due to politics discussions]

    So I've been thinking about getting a tune and have been looking at all the options. and I've noticed some tuners with good reviews have just disappeared off the face of the earth with out a trace. the two I've ran in to so far that seem to have suddenly dissapired is Aed and Wengerd there web...
  6. Will a tune fix my issue

    So I've been getting used to my car over these last few weeks since I got it. And I've noticed the A10 is kinda lazy when you go from Cruising to wot it takes a couple seconds or so to get going. Now once it knows you want to play it's quite responsive but that initial delay I find kina...
  7. Who do i report scamers to

    I was contacted by one and don't want to see any scamed by him. I looked up the number he gave me its connected to many other scames.
  8. Roush cat back exhaust or pypes x bomb cat back

    I think I'm going with one of these I just can't decide which one. I like the sound of the roush the best but the pypes are a lot cheaper and they sound good to they will be going on my 2020 gt. Any one heard both in person what did you think of them thanks.
  9. Which mod should i go with first

    So I can't resist the urge to mod my car my wife thinks I'm crazy to swap parts on a car with only 500 miles on it. But I told her it's just who I am I got to tinkeršŸ¤£. So I'd love to do HP mods but honestly I can't really even fully use the 460hp it comes with in stock form and I'd like to...
  10. Roush axle back with there h pipe delete or the Roush cat back exhaust system

    I'm trying to decide on which setup to go with car only has 300 miles but I can't wait to put an exhaust on this thing. it sounds good stock but it would sound so much better with an exhaust. I would like to hear opinions from those who have ran these setups thanks
  11. Who has window tint on there kona blue mustangs

    Looking to get some tint put on my windows was wanting to get some ideas what it look like with tint on it. i was thinking 35 in the front and 20 the rest of the way around how is night time visibility with tint thanks.
  12. Looking for a good dyno tuner in Indiana/ohio

    Just got my car a 2020 mustang gt so I'd like to put some miles on it first before modding. but am wondering if there is any one in the area that's good at dyno tuning these cars. was looking at lud or paulm Beach remote tunes. but have read several not so positive reviews on them. and would...
  13. Indiana Stickier tires in stock size or get new rims for wider tires

    Hello from Indiana first post after wanting one of these since I was 18 a little over 10 years later my dream came true things in life are finaly right and I can reasonably afford one now. Here she is a 2020 gt not many options just the way I like them basic but has the auto with the 301...