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  1. 2022 Build and Price is up!!

    the build and price is super broken though. (i've loaded it on multiple computers using multiple different browsers and it was broken every time)
  2. Lengthy Wait Time for a VIN

    I'm sure you will receive your VIN real soon!
  3. Lengthy Wait Time for a VIN

    Hey everyone! A quick update: Two days ago, I received and email from Ford saying that my car is scheduled to be built on the week of May 2nd, and now has a VIN. I am super excited!
  4. Lengthy Wait Time for a VIN

    I got this email yesterday too! I hope it's a general apology for the delay.
  5. Lengthy Wait Time for a VIN

    So much justified frustration. Ford doesn't really do a good job at keeping dealerships and the consumer base updated. I called Ford using the phone number on their website, and the lady said they were unaware of the Flat Rock plant being temporarily at idle. They're just screwing people for no...
  6. Lengthy Wait Time for a VIN

    Hopefully you get your pony ASAP, king. With how things are going, it's possible that I won't get mine until July or August. Waiting up to eight months would be such a load of BS.
  7. Lengthy Wait Time for a VIN

    Roger that... thank you sir!
  8. Lengthy Wait Time for a VIN

    Howdy! Maaaaan Eruption Green is cool; I bet you're super excited. It's utter bologna, however, that you've waited this long and haven't even received your VIN. I feel like Ford only has ridiculous excuses at this point (pardon my cynical POV on the matter).
  9. Lengthy Wait Time for a VIN

    howdy! I've searched that up to see if there's any additional information regarding factory idle. All I'm seeing is stuff about the temporary idle that occurred January 19 of this year. Could that be the same thing you're talking about?
  10. Lengthy Wait Time for a VIN

    I ordered my 2022 Mustang GT Premium w/ the Performance Package on January 10th of this year (received the order confirmation the same day). Might anyone have an idea as to why it is taking so long to receive a VIN number? My priority code is still 10, with the build/order being clean but...
  11. 2022 Prices?

    There isn't a price change on everything, but rather a few major options, mainly increasing by anywhere from $100-$1,000. I'm more concerned with how long it is taking Ford to get me my darn VIN number. It's been little over a month and a half, and I was originally told it wouldn't take too long...
  12. 📈 Mustang January 2022 Sales & Production Numbers: 4,324 Sold / 3,960 Produced

    Same, my guy! I ordered my 2022 GT Premium Performance Pack on January 10th. Still waiting for the VIN # though ;-;
  13. 2022 GT Order

    I texted my dealer yesterday and he informed me that my priority code was updated to 10. So I'm guessing they'll be getting ready to schedule the car for production real soon.
  14. 2022 GT Premium ordered and received in 8 weeks

    Congrats on your new order! I ordered my GT premium on Jan. 9th. They gave me a priority code of 19, so I wonder how long it will be until my build is scheduled for production. Eight weeks is pretty fast!
  15. 2022 GT Order

    Howdy! I ordered a custom built 2022 GT premium w/ performance package on Monday, January 9th. The priority code given was 19. I understand that the lower the number, the better, according to my dealer. What does the code 19 mean for me?