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    Would these require a hub or spacers?
  2. Florida SVE R350 Wheels/Tires 19x10 Squared $1,400

    Where about in Florida are you? Would you be willing to drive to meet to trade these?
  3. Illinois-Chicago

    Any recommendations for tint places in the western suburbs or surrounding areas?
  4. Why I enjoy 17GT more than my 18Z06

    This must be rich guy problems! I love my Mustang and all, but the opportunity to drive a Vette? All fun, hope you guys can learn to enjoy both.
  5. Rock Chips on Front Bumper!!

    Give it up boss. This is a battle you're most likely going to lose. I know from experience.
  6. Back seat - useful or useless?

    It’s better to just act like you don’t have a backseat.
  7. Illinois-Chicago

    Anyone have a cheap exhaust shop to install Corsas this weekend? In the western Chicago suburbs
  8. Illinois-Chicago

  9. Odd experience with tailgating yesterday

    Best way to get around it is to just slow down. Eventually they get tired and fly around you.
  10. Nathan's Silver GT

    Nathan, any chance you can show off that rear spoiler more? Curious how it looks up close.
  11. Anyone Have 777 Performance Front Fascia?

    As someone who recently left the program for the '15 Mustang, they really do their homework to make sure everything goes well. New company, but, I personally would go for it! Give them a try
  12. BMW 8 Series looks a lot like Mustangs

    Bit of a stretch don’t you think?
  13. Help me decide GT Premium or GT350 (see thread for details).

    If money was not an issue, there’s no way you can convince me to buy a GT over a ‘350.
  14. First Problem - 2016 GT Surging P0308

    There was a bulletin out for it already. After ordering a part overnight, I got my car back the next day!
  15. First Problem - 2016 GT Surging P0308

    I had the same issues, and it was fixed without issue at the dealership. Failed IMRC
  16. Creating my own Cobra

    Don't take this too hard, but it's a hard sell for me as well. The SC should be a pretty sweet setup! Just remember, your car, you do you!
  17. S550 underwelming...

    Try turning off traction control and all the other assists and get back to us with pictures. Sure it’ll be a lot more “raw.”
  18. Magnetic Metallic owners

    I have so many rock chips it's crazy. If I had to do it again, this alone would persuade me NOT to get this color. In a few years, I'll be looking for a new hood.