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  1. Zooks527

    And the winter setup is on.

    Put the winter set on today (square 245/45-19 setup with Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 tires on 9" FP Boss 302 wheels) and tucked the PSP4s set off to the side of the shed. Took it for a run around the block to pair the TPMS sensors, swapped in the winter mats, and all looks good. Second year on...
  2. Zooks527

    Transmission Gear Oil

    If you're talking about the "thunk" when you first put it into gear while stopped, no, it will not.
  3. Zooks527

    All season tires recommendation for 20 Bullitt to go thru mild winter.

    Having driven many miles on both A/S3+ and PS4s tires, I can say that I would never want to have the car come with A/S3+ standard. The A/S3+ are nice tires and all, with the benefit that the A/S3+ are OK at cold temperatures, but the handling difference to the PS4s is a massive loss in the...
  4. Zooks527

    All season tires recommendation for 20 Bullitt to go thru mild winter.

    I had both A/S3+ and DWS06 tires on my BMWs. Both were fine for dry and wet driving. Both were OK on light (1/2") snow. The DWS were horrible in the one ice storm when I got caught out without the snow tires I ran 4 months of the year. After all of it, I preferred the A/S3+ to the DWS06...
  5. Zooks527

    Rust protection (undercarriage) and winter daily driving

    +1 I bought my 2005 Tacoma 4 years ago and use it for all the things above as well as my daily driver. Don't care where I park it, don't care about the weather, 4x4 + Blizzaks is unstoppable, and it hauls everything. 75,000 miles since I bought it (it's nearly at 245,000 now) and chugging...
  6. Zooks527

    Need advice - buying a used Bullitt

    I haven't read through all of the above, but have you spoken to the loan officer at the BoA branch where you're planning to do this? It's likely not his first rodeo and they likely have a process. On a side note, must be nice to live in a state where they'll issue temporary tags.
  7. Zooks527

    Cargo Hold-downs

    Those are the ones I have in my car. Saw them in my daughter's Jetta and got a set for myself.
  8. Zooks527

    2017 Mustang GT 6MT Start Sequence.

    Confirm or set parking brake. Clutch and brake. Shift to neutral. Press Start button. Release clutch. Learned it that way on my '70 Mach 1 (which would fire up whenever you turned the key, regardless of clutch/brake/gear positions) and never saw a reason to change in the past 42 years.
  9. Zooks527

    First car i ever bought!

    Hopefully he's learned to drive it in the 5 years since he posted about it. :wink:
  10. Zooks527

    Medical / Car Question

    Your history is pretty similar to my wife's. She had the full knee replacement last year after putting it off for ages. While she says that kneeling on it is really disquieting (not painful, just weird), everything else is so much better that she wishes she hadn't put it off for so long.
  11. Zooks527

    Mustang GT Premium vs Mustang GT PP1

    The biggest driver for me getting the PP1 was to get the MagneRide. Then again, for the 2019, the PP1/MR combination was $5700 MSRP, not $7000, and I was dealing the price down from there.
  12. Zooks527

    Mustang GT Premium vs Mustang GT PP1

    I believe the point being made is that if you want MagneRide, which is outstanding, it only becomes an available option if you order PP1.
  13. Zooks527

    Ford Stops Building Sticky-Tire Mustangs Every Winter

    Per a Flat Rock worker over at the Blue Oval forums, It's not a full power pull. It's a run of the engine and transmission at a mid-range level and through the gears to make sure there's nothing grossly wrong. The engine isn't warmed up first and the dynamometer does not fully load the system.
  14. Zooks527

    Providing VIN number when selling a car

    Worse is if you park in your driveway. That way, they have the plate, the VIN, and the address! ;)
  15. Zooks527

    Wondering how to remove the mustang dash emblem off interior dash?

    I believe he means that it isn't "flush" with the surrounding area. My 2019 badge isn't flat and is instead a pyramidical rectangle. In addition, it's set into a pocket in the dash, instead of being mounted on a flat surface. It doesn't look like it would be an easy pull for the usual "heat...
  16. Zooks527

    Providing VIN number when selling a car

    I always felt that if you could do something nefarious with a VIN number, they wouldn't have it readily visible through the windshield.
  17. Zooks527

    Winter Storage Ethanol?

    Add enough StaBil for +/- 15 gallons using the funnel in the trunk, then fill the tank with whatever you usually use. Don't sweat the ethanol if you have a full tank. It may be hygroscopic, but you won't have enough air exchange to make a difference.
  18. Zooks527

    GT / Diff Temp Sensor / No Oil Temp On Digi Dash ?

    Which is why the GT350 gauges are so nice. FWIW, last night leaving the office, I was watching both the cylinder head temperature and the oil temperature. The cylinder head was at about 145F before the oil temperature started to move off the 100F minimum peg.
  19. Zooks527

    Alcantara or Leather Automatic shift boot and Ebrake boot

    Leather. Personally, I have never understood the appeal of Alcantara. Strikes me as the kind of thing that will be tough to keep looking clean, especially on something that will have a lot of folds.
  20. Zooks527

    OK, who's measuring to see if it will fit?

    :wink: I will say that the 42 minute pre-shipping dyno test would seem to argue against the traditional "take it easy for the first 1000 miles" advice, unless a good portion of that time is at lower RPM...