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  1. Formula 1 talk.

    Hobbs and Matchet my favorites. Bring them back!
  2. BREITLING, ROLEX, TUDOR, OMEGA, anybody into high end watches?

    The JLC is a handsome buggar! Can't really beat a Speedmaster!
  3. Formula 1 talk.

    sorry if I started a shit storm. Once again, putin has penis breath and I wouldn't support the russian gp. End of discussion.
  4. Formula 1 talk.

    Let's follow Vettel, cancel Russian GP! Hate to be political, but Putin has penis breath.
  5. SCT BDX Performance Programmer - HELP?

    Please forgive me for being so dumb, I am old . . . I need to disable the top speed limiter, can this be done with this tuner (just a button to toggle?) This is all I need done for now. Any help appreciated!
  6. Still rockin' the factory shift knob?

    Flameball, like it because it lights up (can see what gear I am in at night.) l like the texture, could be bigger.

    Love this thing . . . .
  8. New Mach 1 Comparison Reviews: vs GT (CarExpert) and BMW M4 (Everyday Driver)

    The Everyday Driver guys are douches because they complain about body roll on a car with no options. My PP2 w/ Magnaride has no body roll in track mode. just my opinion.
  9. Let’s See Those Trucks!

    Running the Mojave Magnum, F-250 Tow duties. 460 4 speed, gear vendors OD.
  10. Post pictures of your animals

    Black cats are fun. I have two.
  11. Post pictures of your animals

    Bob, sounds like your kitty is in pain (or afraid oft morebe wigged pain?). Vet check up might be in order. The little one could just be wigged out for some reason? Good luck.
  12. Formula 1 talk.

    $ runs the sport. get used to it.
  13. Have You Ever Been Deployed?

    Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club (Viet Nam) X2
  14. Post pictures of your animals

    Only saw him once,big fellow.
  15. Montana Vehicle Registration?

    Dear DH, I have been paying taxes for 58 years excluding 2 tours to Viet Nam. I choose not to pay any more than I need to. If you want to pay my taxes, please forward a buttload of $$$. Regards,