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  1. Anderson Composites Mach 1 parts now online

    Can you post/DM any that have them in stock? Do not see them on the usual sites (AM/CJPP/etc.) I'm not to lazy to Google, unfortunately finding certain AC parts actually in stock quite difficult.
  2. Anderson Composites Mach 1 parts now online

    Been waiting for these, not disappointed. Can't wait for it to actually be in stock.
  3. Anyone do a MirrorTap yet?

    This thread was the closest I've found but it had 0 answers. Was stupid easy/well documented on my '19, curious if anyone has done it and can share which pins to use on our cars.
  4. FJG Color/maintenance

    This is my 3rd S550 and easily the thinnest paint of any one I've had. It's extremely delicate in my experience. I should've gone with PPF, would definitely recommend it. As far as color goes, faux Nardo Gray (FJG included) seems to be the automotive color de jour, doesn't feel as unique as...
  5. Functional grill lights?

    Liked. Direct Link for those who don’t know were to find the thread.
  6. When life gives you lemons....

    Nice pivot. Would’ve gone that route in your shoes as well. Pepole screech about the Voodoo but it undoubetdly makes the 350s levels cooler than the M1. That and you don’t have to research about what wheels fit or try hard to find parts for it. Things probably worked for the best for you tbh.
  7. Why did you buy a Mach1? What do you use it for?

    I saw their post here, can’t wait for details. I’m worried about availability through AC though. It’s so difficult to find in stock their parts that would fit from the 500 (the wing/gurney flap and rear diffuser), them making it is only 1/2 the equation, sadly.
  8. Why did you buy a Mach1? What do you use it for?

    Dude, are you me??? All of this. Wanted a 500, none remotely near base price so that was out. ZL1s are performance bargains, but after owning a SS the abysmal feeling of daily driving a Camaro was such a turn off. Wanted a Supra as well, but they’re fairly common here in ATL so that was a...
  9. Mach 1 HP wheels

    Same, I’m not interested in finding out fitment the hard way, since they work it’s likely what I’ll use. I will also say the responsiveness on my GT improved greatly from stock even though I went +2” because the VF5 is such a light wheel. I have no doubt the stock 5 spoke wheels are heavy as...
  10. Mach 1 HP wheels

    Glad someone asked HRE, my plan was to go FF10, damn. If M1 fitment is different from PP fitment it’s basically impossible to wheel shop online because no one is testing M1 fitment alone. I had VF5s on my GT, loved them, but they look super modern imo. I like the retro/muscle look for M1s.
  11. Ford Pass App Warning Messages

    DId you ever figure out what the misfire message was? Got the same thing today
  12. Gauging interest in fog lights

    RTR also said not in their plans. Lights are probably not happening...
  13. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Another FJG checking in
  14. 2021 Mach 1 PDI Checklist, HP Splitter Part Number, Wheel Lip Molding, Etc.

    I’m trying to extrapolate splitter fitment based on this post. If the HP splitter is essentially a repurposed/repackaged PP2 splitter does that mean any splitter that is listed as PP1 compatible will fit the Mach 1? Seems like a reasonable assumption, curious if that is also your understanding...
  15. Base v Premium questions

    There certainly is…
  16. Think if we bug RTR enough they’d make a lighting solution?

    They already have a plug-n-play lighting solution for their grilles: I can’t imagine it would be difficult to re-engineer this to fit the M1 slots. As with everything, comes down to demand…
  17. 1300 miles oil leak.

    Negative. No leaks since I went to the dealer though. Whoever guessed earlier that they may have been overfilled could’ve been correct. I’m guessing the fitting are back ordered like everything else because mine still aren’t in.
  18. 1300 miles oil leak.

    Exact same experience. The part they ordered was the same in the thread, they’re also replacing the line.
  19. 1300 miles oil leak.

    Guess it’s my turn for the MikeyTX experience, eh? No, no clue where that came from either.
  20. 1300 miles oil leak.

    I tried this, there’s no slack/nothing to push in. Guess I’ll just find out Tuesday.