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  1. Virginia Emissions

    Anyone with high flow catted downpipe located in Virginia (fairfax) have issue passing emissions? I dont recall if tailpipe sniffers used or just ODB2. Thanks
  2. To downpipe or not downpipe ?

    I recently replaced the FP calibration with Cobb. I have the required parts for Stage 2 (see below and confirmed with Cobb) and enjoying. Much more responsive than FP. Now as i cant leave well enough alone i am thinking about catted downpipe. Cobb also said ok for Stage 3 if i add downpipe...
  3. I switched from FP tune to Cobb!!

    I just switched from FP to Cobb, Completly different feel. More torquey down low and accelaration. Even in regular driving mode. Running stage 1/93 for now. Absolute amazing no going back., oar learned in minutes. Still ringing it out. Probably try stage 2 soon. Happy !!
  4. Virginia WTB Cobb Accessport

    WTB unmarried Cobb V3, thanks
  5. Side Scoop install

    Anyone consider using "flex seal" to mount side scoops instead of 3m tape?
  6. Throttle Body spacer fitment issue

    Attempted to install a TB spacer and i have the mishimoto charge pipes on. With the spacer on there is not enough "flex" with the short coupler and the rigid tubing to get it to line up on the TB. Anyone install a TB spacer while having the after market cold side charge pipe on? Thanks
  7. FFS: Ford Performance Cold Air Intake (15-18 EcoBoost)

    Ford Performance GT350 CAI for 2015-2018 Ecoboost Mustang. Like new. Only used for 750 miles. Model # M-9603-M23 $200 Shipped within US
  8. What do you think ?

    Hood decal from American Muscle, Ecoboost decals from Ebay..
  9. Pirelli Pzero Summer Tires

    4- 255/40-19 Pirelli's removed @ 1000 Miles. Perfect condition. $200 Local Pick up Northern Virginia 22150
  10. Strange "Thump" sound

    2017 Ecoboost with 1000 miles, driving 30 + mph occasional quick "thump" sound heard from front of car. Cant say for sure when it started possible after FP tune/CAI. Was thinking suspension related. Thoughts? Thanks
  11. C&L Bypass Valve Adapter - Black

    Slightly used for only approx 25 miles.. $50 Shipped Turns Factory BPV into a BOV Distinctive Turbo Sound Billet Aluminum Construction Black Anodized Finish No Tune Required Easy Bolt-On Installation Made in the USA Fits All 2015-2018 EcoBoost Mustangs with Stock BPV
  12. GT PP Wheels on Ecoboost PP

    Anyone install the 2017 GT PP wheels/tires 255/40-19 - 275/40-19 on their Ecoboost PP ? Thanks
  13. test 123

    testing sig
  14. Summer tires year around

    Anyone in the northeast run the summer tires (PP) year around? I only drive a few miles a week and thinking maybe ok in the cold months? Thanks
  15. Mishimoto IC with pipes

    For those that or plan to install the Mishimoto IC did you install just the IC or did you change out the pipes as well? Any big advantage to change pipes out? Thanks
  16. Ford Performance/Racing Cowl Brace - Free

    Bought a Ford Performance (actual Racing) strut tower brace kit. My ecoboost PP comes with cowl brace already installed so i dont need the one that came with the kit. If you have a 2015-2018 without cowl brace and live near 22150 shoot me a PM and pick up. :) GONE..
  17. Ford Performance/Racing Cowl Brace - Free

    I bought a Ford Performance (actual Racing) strut tower brace kit. I have the Ecoboost with PP and it has the cowl brace already installed. If you have a 2015-2018 without cowl brace and live near 22150 shoot me a PM and pick up for free. :) GONE...
  18. Ford Performance tune - fail !!

    This could happen to you, check it out if you feel you are not feeling the tune enhancements. I had my cai and tune installed at a local ford dealer a few weeks back. The tech installed the cai quickly but took alot of time on the tune install. I wasnt feeling he was completely experienced in...
  19. FP Tune - NOVA

    Can anyone recommend that had the FP calibration kit installed, a dealer or shop in the northern virginia area please advise where? Thanks