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  1. Good Luck

    Undergoing final prep for Irma.. expecting landfall Sunday morning. All Florida residents already know prepare for the worst and hope for the best. ;) See you guys on the other side... be safe out there and take care of those ponies.
  2. This thingy here

    Has anyone else had issues with the connector for this thingy next to the recirculation tube on the intake near the turbo? I keep finding it unplugged.. it keeps popping out on it's own. Can this lead to any issues? can it be replaced easily? Any info would be appreciated..
  3. National Theft Search & Recovery?

    I recently received a letter from this organization: National Theft Search & Recovery, telling me that I have 2 weeks to register my vehicle with them in order to receive "DNA Decals" for police tracking/recovering purposes. According to them, these decals are free if I register in time...