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  1. FS: CJ Pony Steering Wheel/GT350 Shift Knob

    is the steering still available ? how old is the steering wheel ?
  2. JLT v3.0 oil separator driver side GT, BOSS, GT350

    Hey Bud, Payment has been sent, I have yet to hear back from you.
  3. Screen Shot 2017 10 03 at 3.29.40 pm

    Screen Shot 2017 10 03 at 3.29.40 pm

  4. Anyone interested in a decklid badge that covers the factory holes?

    I would love that badge in black and red. Looks amazing will match with my howler badge on the front grill and decklid. What’s the ETA on these ?
  5. Anyone running a H pipe and Corsa Sport (extreme)?

    I have been wondering the same thing. I am running a corsa extreme catback, if I went with headers and cats how loud would I be ? I have pretty good idea it will be loud but the question is how loud. I am pretty happy with how the exhaust sounds. I really would not want to change that unless I...
  6. BC Racing Coilovers - Anyone Using ?

    I want something that handles well and looks good. I can go with the cheaper option on springs. The roads in Sydney arent really the best and with springs even though they are cheaper height adjustment cant be done. Also I hate the massive gap.
  7. BC Racing Coilovers - Anyone Using ?

    Hi All, I am looking for a good set of coilovers for my 16 GT. I came across BC Racing Coilovers. I would love some feedback. ride quality? drop too aggressive. Any...
  8. Full Throttle acceleration smell

    I had that smell coming from my stock exhaust and still get that after some hard acceleration on my Corsa extreme catback. COrsa EXtreme will put a smile on your face !
  9. FS Swift Spec R Springs - 2015+ Mustang GT

    I will buy these if still for sale. Shipping to 76005 ?
  10. Forum discount?

    Wanted to buy a decklid and suspension parts. can I please get a discount code.
  11. Matte Black decklid w/ 5.0 coyote badge

    I know late reply, Is this still for sale ?
  12. Ikon MotorSports GT350 StyleTrackPack Spolier

    Well i bought it unpainted simply because I read a few bad reviews of the paint and got it painted.
  13. Work in Progress

    Work in Progress

  14. Forum discount?

    Can I please get a discount code.
  15. FS GT 350 Steering Wheel

    PM Sent, I will take it if there is no sale pending.
  16. Diode Dynamics 4th Brake Light Kit-sold

    PM sent. Keen on both.
  17. BMR Toe Links, red (NIB)

    PM Sent.
  18. FS Airaid Intake

    Is this the No tune CAI ?
  19. GT350 steering wheel perfect condition

    I want this !!!!!! lol PM d