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  6. Ohio Sold

    Someone make me a reasonable offer, need to sell.
  7. Ohio Sold

    $2500 OBO
  8. Ohio Sold

  9. Ohio Sold

  10. Ohio Sold

  11. Ohio Sold

  12. Ohio Sold

    $2650 shipped OBO
  13. Ohio Sold

    Fitment Industries is good for looking at cars with the same specs. I found a few that have very similar specs so you can see how it would look.
  14. Ohio Sold

  15. Ohio Sold

    Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of them on the car. I sold it, got something else, only had one picture, and must have deleted it. The fronts fit perfectly flush and the back poke maybe 1/4 of an inch. If your car is lowered a bit the back would probably camber in naturally and be...
  16. Ohio Sold

    Selling a set of 4 Forgestar F14 19x10 et+30 in gloss black with Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 285/35 tires. All wheels have the “deep concave” center profile (great concavity, looks aggressive from an angle and straight on). Each wheel has some curb rash, nothing major and other than that in...
  17. Ohio 2018 Factory Catback Exhaust

    $200 shipped or $100 pickup
  18. Retaining paddle shifters with aftermarket steering wheel?

    Ya know I may have had more of a light hearted spirit about the “jokes” if I received any sort of actual answer or helpful info (even if it was a simple: no one has done it or tried) before the jokes started. Instead I got multiple lectures on how I am making the car less safe and endangering my...
  19. Retaining paddle shifters with aftermarket steering wheel?

    Wow, that was hilarious... not. How old are you? Fucking dad joke if I ever heard one, dumbass.
  20. Retaining paddle shifters with aftermarket steering wheel?

    The mustangs paddle shifters definitely don’t feel the most high quality but I enjoy using them when I’m driving the car harder. I really enjoy the look of the deep dish NRG wheels over the stock or any of the other chunky aftermarket wheel options. I don’t care that I’m losing the radio...