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  1. [email protected] LPF TT S550 video

    14.5 PSI with LPF twin turbo kit E85 Stock internals Tuned by Ken @ PBD [ame]
  2. Chinese Turbos with American Corn

    [ame] if you have a MT82 car I highly suggest adding a n2mb WOT BOX accompanied by a nice twin disc clutch. Once again I know I am no longer an S550 guy but I know a few guys are on the fence with power adders and I hope my videos or insight can help you choose the right side. Still on E85...
  3. After owning every power adder...

    I can honestly say I love turbos. The power delivery is UNREAL and it does not stop pulling. Burnin4 had some sentiments about the turbos and I echo them that if you're on the fence DO TURBOS. I have had driven TVS coyotes, owned a Paxton/PC Coyote, drove a 100 shot coyote which made great...
  4. JPC single kit

    Looks like it's all fabbed up from some pics I saw on FB. Has anyone talked to them? Kit looks really good and their 11-14 kit was a beast.
  5. Paxton Whine

    [ame] She's screaming
  6. 11.6psi and E85 VS a pair of 325/45/17 MH

    [ame] :headbang:
  7. Sai Li fuel system thread

    I am planning on doing this myself and I know a few people were interested so I'll be the Guinea pig again I am $950 deep into the setup and will update this thread as I install it within the next week as well as document its ability to sustain my goals. This unit is good till 900 on e98 and...
  8. BOSS IM and Centrifugal blowers

    Has anyone gotten a good dyno from their BOSS and Centri car? Or any personal experiences This was a big thing to do with the 11-14 cars specially when adding a wastegate since you eliminate boost creep by capping it off at a set PSI. I'm looking to pick up power past 7k since I have OPG/CG...
  9. Charging system question

    So I'm getting a random "check charging system" warning that only happens after ripping on it and letting goes away almost instantly. I think it's a loose connection or wire that's shifting with the motion of me letting off. Anyone have the charging system diagram or pictures of the...
  10. We may not have whine...

    [ame] But we have this
  11. Doing more with less.

    So I went back to the track to give the car a different tune Lund worked on for me. I backed out 3.4psi and went 1.5mph less but a hair quicker et with 11.6psi vs 15psi. This was my only pass of the practice or anything. My plan was to turn it up after this pass to 16psi but they...
  12. Thoughts after OPG/CG

    I ran the car hard on a stock motor. As you can see in my sig the trap speeds show 3 different power levels. In the back of my mind I was always worried about it letting go from OPG or a cracked CG. 650/520 on 10psi 725/550 on 13psi 785/590 on 15psi Those were all done on the stock...
  13. Issues after OPG/CG install inside

    Turns out to be plugs as was suggested. Crazy coincidence.
  14. Video: Custom Corsa/Kooks

    This is a single X pipe with Corsa Extreme mufflers and Kook's 1 7/8" mid-length header. [ame]
  15. Paxton singing its song to 140mph

    This was on the 14.5psi spring [ame]
  16. Paxton + goodies 1/4 mile

    Let's see what she does
  17. Speedo with Wastegate and Paxton

    Car feels strong. I'm having to let out 2nd in these videos cause it'll just spin. [ame]
  18. Paxton + goodies

    Gonna be doing some testing and tweaking. Will report back with my findings :thumbsup: Car already makes 500rwtq at 4K rpm but I want more. Hoping for 700/600 on this setup on 93
  19. Street Car Take Over

    Anyone going? I will probably on kill mode for the dyno and track event :ninja:
  20. Paxton 2200SL Dyno inside

    How about that torque curve? [ame] 9's or bust on 3/23/16