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  1. Nebraska FS: Solo Cyclone Mid-pipe

    I have for sale a modular midpipe for anyone running a Solo catback. You can swap out your middle section for this Cyclone mid muffler. This was a limited run that had to be special ordered at the time. It's very deep sounding and designed for maximum flow. When my car was sold I had the...
  2. Nebraska Steeds H-pipe Resonator Delete - New in box

    Bought this but ended up trading in the car. New in box. Asking $150 shipped
  3. so my old car got stolen....

    i ended up trading my 17 GT for a Ranger. I rarely drove the mustang and found a really good deal on a pickup where i will actually use the bed. anyway, that was about 4 weeks ago. I found out today via fb that my car was purchased from the dealer i traded it to and the next day was stolen...
  4. Tune - expectations

    So I've been running the Ford power pack 1 tune for over a year. I put this on the car shortly after purchasing so I didn't have much seat time with the stock tune. I did notice in D that it was more willing to downshift, but other than that, I couldn't tell a difference. A dyno may have...
  5. Ford Power Pack Stg 1 to PBD Tune - Problems

    I decided to take advantage of the black friday sale and picked up an ngauge and PBD tune. I've been running the FPP 1 tune for awhile and just am getting bored. So far I haven't had much luck with this. I flashed the first iteration that PBD gave me and it needs work. After sending them...
  6. Nebraska JLT oil separator - passenger side - sold

    worked great but went a different route so can’t use this. i meant to post this up for sale sooner but forgot. $105 shipped.
  7. GT 2017 20" Premium Wheels / Tires / TPMS - Sold

    Took these off at 1k miles. Pretty much brand new and have been in my shed out of the weather for the last year. Decided I'm not going to use these at all and would like to sell. Asking $750 local and will split shipping with the buyer.
  8. GT FS: Solo Axle Back muffler delete / Black Tips - SOLD

    Like new Solo Axle back with brand new black tips. Magnaflow resonated X-pipe is sold. $300 - This is a steal Prefer local (Omaha, NE) but will split shipping with the buyer. :) Boxed up and ready to go.
  9. Why does the Ford Spare Tire kit not fit GT models that came with 20's Stock Wanted to get this until i saw the note about not fitting cars with stock 20" wheels. I have the same brakes as a standard GT so I'm not understanding the issue here.
  10. Cross Traffic Alert alarm too loud

    noticed in my 17 gt that when the cta alerts it is extremely loud. Is there a way to lower the alert volume besides disabling it in the menu? I find there feature useful just don’t need it blaring at me when it goes off.
  11. Nebraska FS BBK Varitune Axle Back - SOLD

    i ran this for a few thousand miles but went full cat back. Tips I sanded and painted but have a few scuffs. I would re coat them with a high temp gloss black paint. Looking for $200 plus shipping.
  12. Covington

    Well ain't this a shit show in assumptions.....
  13. M-FR3A-MA vs M-FR3A-MAA - What's the difference?

    On my old 15, i ran the M-FR3A-M8A track kit. Was a good setup and no real complaints. But on my 17, i wanted a little bit more compliant ride with the same 1" drop. So i'm looking at the street kits. Looking at a couple vendors, they list two separate street kits that I can't figure out...
  14. How do I fix this

    drives me nuts but I can’t get the rubber seal to sit correctly.
  15. What would you pay? New 17 Local to me and considering getting back into a GT but hate the look of the 18’s.
  16. So who in NY has my old car? Been trying to find this and buy it back.
  17. Livernois MyCal tuner

    Used for an ecoboost but can be flashed for any vehicle they support for $300. Asking $225 shipped.
  18. Livernois MyCal tuner

    Used for an ecoboost but can be flashed for any vehicle they support for $300. Asking $225 shipped.
  19. Traded Car - Stuff for sale

    Ngauge - Comes with everything originally included. 4 unlocks left. $250 shipped - SOLD Toe Bushing (standard on PP cars) - New $50 shipped Steeda Black Diff Bushing - New $20 shipped - SOLD Suspension nuts - New - come with Ford track pack $20 shipped Ford Performance Oil Separator...
  20. Why no Adaptive Steering???

    Ford released adaptive steering in 2016 for the Ford Edge and 17 Super Duty. Honestly...I love it in the Edge. I really expected it to be pushed to more models like the 18 refresh of the Explorer, Mustang, and F-150. But nope. :shrug: