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  1. 2015 GT base model, have PP rotors and brake pads. Are calipers all I need?

    Hello, I was recently given rotors and brake pads for 2016 Mustang GT Performance Package brakes (Free is always nice!). I have a base model 2015 Mustang GT. I wanted to check, it seems from an article I found that the rear brakes are the same? So I would just need the front PP calipers...
  2. SuperCharger Install Dealer in Bay Area?

    Hello! Haven't been here in a while! I have a 2015 Mustang GT that may be coming back into my possession (long story short, gave it to my mom 3 years ago. She doesn't want it anymore, only has 32K miles; GT Auto). I was looking into a Supra or ZL1 Camaro but now I am wondering if I should...
  3. FS MBRP Street (Black) Mustang GT (Nor-Cal)

    Item: MBRP Street Black Catback Exhaust #S7277BLK Price: $300 OBO Location: Millbrae, 94030 Shipping: no Willing to meet somewhere: no (don't have car to fit it in) Used MBRP Street. Got it used, decided I would prefer the rasp of a Corsa Sport so I am selling this exhaust. PM me if...
  4. FS MBRP Street (Black) Mustang GT

    Item: MBRP Street Black Catback Exhaust #S7277BLK Price: $300 OBO Location: Millbrae 94030 Shipping: no Willing to meet at a halfway point: no (don't have car to fit it in) Used MBRP Street. Got it used, decided I would prefer the rasp of a Corsa Sport so I am selling this exhaust. PM...
  5. FT: My stock exhaust system with resonator delete x-pipe for your stock system+$50

    Alright guys, here is the deal. I want to go back to a stock system with the resonator. I don't want to reweld the stock resonator because then I have to worry about the mufflers being straight and all of that stuff. So, I am willing to drive to your house/shop and you can have my stock...
  6. White spots on rear GT panel

    Hey guys, I have had my car for about 10 months and after washing it today I noticed some white spots in the black panel on the back. Is this clear coat failure already?
  7. Anyone Just Change Tips on Stock Muffler?

    Hi! I have a 2015 Mustang GT that currently just has the X-Pipe resonator delete. I am alright with the sound, but would like to change the tips out because I feel that the stock tips look too wimpy. I would like to put these tips on...
  8. Feb 13th Cars and Coffee Treasure Island+Mini-Meet After

    Alright guys, so February 13th is Cars and Coffee Treasure Island! The meet usually starts at 8 and fizzles out around 11AM, so I also seeing who wants to meet up on the Island after at 11:15AM just to get some of the Mustangs together for pics. Maybe even go for lunch after, but that is still...
  9. FS Brand New Roush CAI+BMR Springs SP082+SP089

    Hello! So here is the situation. Last weekend I had some rather large unexpected expenses, so for damage control to my bank account I have decided to sell the two items I recently purchased. A few things: Location: Millbrae 94030 (Near San Bruno) Prices are FIRM, I want a quick sell so I will...
  10. Nor-Cal Spring Install

    Hi! Have some BMR Springs on the way, anyone know of any shops that won't break the bank when it comes to install? I am getting quotes between $300-$400. I am located in San Francisco
  11. WTB Roush Cold Air Intake

    Shipped to 94030 Let me know!
  12. Robs Project Guard Mustang GT

    Hello! In July I bought an automatic 2015 Mustang GT in Guard color. It is the base model as well. Quick Side Note: is my YouTube channel! I actually changed the name to Robs Auto's the URL is just staying thew same. I will update that channel as well...
  13. Anyone Selling Wheels and Tires?

    Want to switch them up, let me know if you have anything for sale! Looking primarily for a complete set of wheels+tires with the lugs and TPMS. Thanks!
  14. Here is a video of X-Pipe Resonator Delete w/ stock muffler

    Hi! I always see people ask about the sound the 2015 Mustang GT makes with just an X-Pipe and stock mufflers. Usually the only videos people have referenced were ones where someone had the X-Pipe with an aftermarket muffler or no muffler. So here is a video of my 2015 Mustang GT with the CJPP...
  15. Cars and Coffee San Francisco (Trasure Island) September 5th I will be going, anyone else?
  16. Clear bra places in Bay Area

    Anyone get a clear bra on their cars in the Bay Area? I know some places that charge about $800-$900 but wondering if anyone knows anybody who can do the work for cheaper.
  17. Anyone Want My Brand New CJPP X Pipe? $120

  18. Trade Their PP Wheels+Tires for my Base Model GT Wheels+Tires +400?

    Anyone down? Only have about 700 miles on the tires, no dings or anything! The PP wheels would look awesome on my Guard Metallic GT! But yeah, your PP Wheels+Tires for my Base Model GT Wheels+tires+$400!
  19. WTB Sto n Sho for 2015 Mustang GT W/O PP

    Anyone have one for sale?