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  1. Oregon 2020 GT500 $90,000

    Hello, putting the Shelby up for sale with 74xx miles for $90,000. fully loaded minus painted stripes and CFTP. Recaros, Tech package, Handling package, black painted roof, interior carbon package. Signed by Billy Johnson Mods: 30% window tint, 70% Carbon ceramic front windshield tint 777...
  2. Some car issues, wondering if anyone else had them as well?

    Ever since I got the car it was super smelly when manually shifting above 4K RPM or anything at WOT. Originally I thought it was due to exhaust breaking in but it’s been consistent for the past 5000 miles now. Recently the cars started to shake and jitter, like clutch chatter, when I go into...
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  4. Anyone swap RLCA for non-magna ride coilover fitment?

    Has anyone swapped from the OEM RLCA, I believe it's PN: HR3Z5500A/B to the base GT ones that have the non-magna ride shock placement? PN: FR3Z5500J/K. I've seen Cortex racing offers them for 350s that swap over to a coil over, and on the ford manual the 350 RLCA is the same as the 500. Just...
  5. Anyone design/make interior pieces? Looking to have a custom airlift controller mount made.

    I'm looking to have something made that would sit attached to the front cup holder and hold my air lift controller while leaving room in the cup holder to throw my wallet and keys. Looking for someone that has a GT500 that could do all the measurements as I'm not really the best at that...
  6. Anyone running different tires?

    Anyone running a stickier tire in the rear for a 20"? I've contemplated getting the nitto 555r2s, but I've never dealt with a 20 in wheel before. Not looking to drag race but still hold power in a roll race. Thanks, Alex
  7. Oregon 2018 Mustang GT PP Premium - Gen 5 Whipple + T56 *Pending sale*

    Putting it on the market as I'm looking to get into a 500 and won't have enough room for both. This is a 2018 mustang GT premium with the performance package. 19k miles, used as a daily. Car made 700whp on 17" radials and pump 92, I have receipts for all oil changes and work done. If you have...
  8. Oregon WTB 18+ California special grilles

    Looking to get a set of those 18+ CS grilles. Upper and lower.
  9. Oregon WTB T56 Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft

    Kind of a long shot but figured i'd throw it on here.
  10. Has anyone done a powerglide swap?

    Tried to look around the forums and haven’t seen anything about it. I was curious on how it runs on the street and on the strip. any and all information is welcome! Alex
  11. Oregon WTB 2018 Lightning blue trunk.

    Looking to buy a 2018 lightning blue trunk. I believe there was a color change from 17 to 18.
  12. Anyone running a SC with coil overs?

    Been looking at getting a pair of coil overs for my car as I’m just a street ripper. Was thinking of getting some BC coil overs with a stiffer spring. anyone run coil overs with a supercharger that goes to the drag strip sometimes? How’s it feel? Do you need to run a stiffer spring? Any and all...
  13. [Question] Anyone Add a parking brake to a drag set up?

    Hello, Just curious if anyone has tried to add a parking brake to a drag set up? Looking to convert a GT350 to be able to run 15" wheels but haven't found anyone post talking about it. Anyone done it before? Alex
  14. Oregon *Sold* APR GT250 67” wing

    Hello! looking to sell my gt250 wing. Been on the car 2000 miles. 67” wrapped in STEK prismatic PPF and ceramic coated. The winglets are wrapped and have a little scratching on the inside. The silly snake is on top of the PPF and can be removed. Asking 1300 +shipping or trade for Anderson’s...
  15. Oregon * SOLD* 2018 Intake manifold, Throttle body, Injectors & Fuel rails - $300 shipped

    Selling my 18 intake manifold with injectors, fuel rails and TB. Taken off at 11k miles. Taken off due to whipple. Asking 300 shipped. *Updated to $300 shipped*
  16. [Help] Installed Whipple and having motor coolant leak.

    Hey! I installed a whipple and am having a coolant failure on the motor. The T pipe that sits under the whipple has a leak on the thermostat side. I got a new one today from Ford and replaced it. As soon as i applied any pressure on it it would pop right off. Wondering if anyone else has had...
  17. Oregon SOLD 2018+ MT82D4 kit

    Hello! This fits 15-17 as well, just need a 15-17 slave cylinder Just finished installing my t56 XL into my '18. Taken out at 91XX miles. I have a complete 2018+ mt82 conversion kit for sale. Things to note about the 18+ vs the 15-17: 1) They use the automatic driveshaft so it has a...
  18. APR GTC300 wing

    Do any of you have an APR GTC300 universal wing? I’m thinking of picking one up.