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  1. Just leaked... youtube with a time slip

    Definitely cool to see!
  2. Ridetech Level 2 Coilovers installed:

    Awesome man! Let me know if I can help out with anything! :cheers:
  3. Is this dried up Wax

    Ah, that's a pain man. I hope you get it fixed soon.
  4. Got my Cervinis hood delivery just now. Small hole in it

    With the prep that the body shop will still have to do on it, that's really nothing to worry about. You won't even know it was there.
  5. **MRR Wheels M600 Custom Anodized**

    Get with me anytime! My direct line is 812-481-4734. :headbang:
  6. True Street Joliet pics & vids

    Good work man, I wish I could've came out this year!
  7. BUYERS BEWARE: Counterfeit Alert!

    I hate seeing this in the industry. We've ran into the same kind of companies in the past, I wish there was a way to eliminate all of the places like this. I hope you get it sorted out soon BMR Tech.
  8. Ridetech Level 2 Coilovers installed:

    You've got a pretty wide array of adjustment. Jeremiah apex15stangPP, has been our test mule in design and on the track. I'll have him post up his alignment specs that he's been throughout having them on the car.
  9. Ridetech Level 2 Coilovers installed:

    The front end will definitely be softer, I would expect more of a "floaty" type feel.
  10. On the fence about MGW

    I haven't drove one of the new cars with their shifter in it but I've had them in three of my other Mustangs and they were great. Hands down, shifter I've ever used.
  11. Pictures in Race Mode!!

    lol, it happens! :headbang:
  12. Jeff Ashton's 2016 GT Build Thread

    Those should look great on the car!!
  13. Whipple on GT350?

    I saw one on the dyno no too long ago, it made some very good power.
  14. The Official Gallery Page of FlowForm!

    IPA or Fog would have to be my choice.
  15. s550 wrap ideas

    Very cool! :headbang:
  16. Oldie, but a Goodie - HRE Wheels visits Jay Leno's Garage

    The building process of a high end wheel is cool to watch. HRE builds some super nice pieces!