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  1. Best performance shop in Houston?

    Hey guys. I blew two cylinders on my Procharged GT and am looking for a shop in or around the Houston area for a rebuild or a crate engine install. Any suggestions are appreciated, but I prefer to not do business with Houston House of Horsepower. Thanks a lot for the help.
  2. What is this slapping sound?

    Started my car up and noticed a slapping sound that wasn't present the day before. Drove around for a while and sound remains. I recorded a short video after I got home. What is this?
  3. Does anyone have experience with the Ford Performance Magneride Handling Pack?

    Seen here: I had the FRPP Track Pack on my prior Mustang GT and was very impressed with its handling. I've been considering upgrading the PP suspension on my 2020 and ran across this package at Levittown. Does anyone have this on their car...
  4. Is it possible to change your wallpaper in Sync 3+?

    The four standard options for head unit backgrounds are getting a little stale. I recall in Sync 2 you could upload your own images as long as they were approx. 800x384. I understand with Sync 3 that functionality was removed. Is it possible to change this via Forscan?
  5. How do you make an opossum leave your engine bay?

    So I noticed the other day that my engine was unusually dirty, which I chalked up to just having more dirt/pollen in the air than usual. Today I planned on cleaning the engine bay and I opened the hood up to find this little fella! Guess he's been crawling up there at night and using my Coyote...
  6. Recommendation for tires with better treadlife than Conti ExtremeContacts

    Hey guys, my rear tires are totally burnt out and bald but I've only had them for about 8k miles; these Continental ExtremeContacts did not get nearly the treadlife I expected out of them and I don't want to buy them again if I can find a better alternative. It's a staggered setup so just...
  7. Red brake calipers on a silver Mustang?

    Anyone have pictures of a silver Mustang with the brakes painted red? I'm trying to visualize what it'd look like on a black and silver themed GT. Other than leaving them unpainted (silver) or painted black, I don't know of any other colors that wouldn't look out of place. Thanks.
  8. Error codes C14000 and C41500

    I got a CEL for about 15 seconds (it flashed several times and then stayed on) after flooring it to merge onto the interstate. I slowed down to 60 and it went away shortly after. A few days later traction control randomly turned itself off. I turned it back on and haven't had any recurrences...
  9. How effective are the Roush heat extractors?

    Are the Roush extractors more or less cosmetic pieces or do they actually function better than the stock ones?