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  1. Post Non-Car Pictures That You Took/Want to Share

    Went downtown today for lunch, took a few pictures. Union Station and Sears Tower.
  2. Before and After Sound Clips - Exhaust

    Safe links to my Google Drive July 20, 2021 68 degrees Cold Start Stock headers/exhaust These videos were taken about 90 minutes apart, Google phone taken first. Google Pixel Phone - Sony NEX-F3 Camera -
  3. Anyone into mooning?

    I don't have any fancy gear but do enjoy taking pictures of the moon with what I have. I'd like to pick up the hobby of astrophotography and get more serious with it. I took these tonight. ƒ/16 1/15 350mm ISO200 ƒ/16 1/15 350mm ISO200 ƒ/16 1/15 350mm ISO200 ƒ/16 1/15 350mm ISO200 ƒ/16...
  4. First Post - Datalog

    Hey all, looking for input from anyone willing to interpret the attached logs. I've already sent to the tuner for his review but also know there are people here who understand the logs also. Not sure if I did this all correct, but I followed the instructions here and in the order listed. I...