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  1. Ooof... lifting a new Lightning dramatically decreases its range...

    Why read the article and have an actual, valid opinion, when you can ignore the article's content and post a sensational headline, instead??? JR
  2. Stop the hop kit what’s the difference.

    +1 for the above advice. I bought the Starter Kit, at first, and then added the vertical links and the Differential Bushings. I also have the Adjustable Rear Toe Links, ready to go in the car. I'm holding off on those until I find a decent alignment shop. I found that the Starter Kit made a...
  3. Which throttle body works with an 18+ Intake Manifold? (‘15 Vert)

    Yes. A new IM isn't going to give more power unless the rest of the engine tuning is touched. Also, the car will likely run rough until it's tuned. JR
  4. Aftermarket valved exhaust. Looking for feedback

    I would say that anything that's pneumatic is probably far more failure prone than anything that is electric, but I have no experience with either, specifically. JR
  5. One of the Casey's Gas Shops is now selling multi grade gas

    My mower gets 91, because it's ethanol free. So do my power washer, weed whacker, and backpack blower. But you're right. JR
  6. Where to buy attractive Mustang wearables ie coats, hats, shirts and so on?

    LFGM. When ESPN was interviewing Pete after the game the other night, he got done with the interview and, as he's about to walk out, just says "LFGM". I love that crazy Florida man! JR
  7. Oil Filter Adapter Benefit

    Wasn't it to convert the filter to a cartridge filter from the canister filters that kept backing off? JR
  8. Where to buy attractive Mustang wearables ie coats, hats, shirts and so on?

    Thank you. I'll see if I can find any identifying information that might allow you to track it down. JR
  9. Where to buy attractive Mustang wearables ie coats, hats, shirts and so on?

    See above! I posted the link to it! It's very nice and way classier than I normally see with Boomer Muscle Car swag. It has a way more premium feel, like it's designed for a Porsche or Ferrari driver. JR
  10. Where to buy attractive Mustang wearables ie coats, hats, shirts and so on?

    It's not that one. That's like a thin nylon, whereas this one is a thicker, smoother material that doesn't bunch up when you move. My grandfather passed a few weeks ago, so I had to fly up for the funeral. Since the Mets had a day game and I was at JFK, anyway (and the funeral wasn't until...
  11. Where to buy attractive Mustang wearables ie coats, hats, shirts and so on?

    I got a really nice black and gray Mustang jacket at my dealer for like $65. It's my favorite light jacket, and I've been wearing it for like four years now. I can't seem to find a full picture of it, but... JR
  12. Valve cover leak

    Did you do the work, or did you have it done? JR
  13. Valve cover leak

    I did find these, the other day. I decided to just put the raw aluminum valve covers on, and get the Ford Blue coil covers. I have not done...
  14. Tire Lettering

    It's dumb. Don't make your $100k car look dumb. JR
  15. Left Sequential Turn Signals Not Working

    Go to a local Cars and Coffee or find the Mustang club. Someone will help you out. JR
  16. Alcantara Steering Wheel

    I've used them for leather pieces before, and they're good to go. I'm going to have them recover my GT350R wheel, because the Alcantara is trashed. Perforated Nappa leather will replace the Alcantara. JR
  17. Left Sequential Turn Signals Not Working

    It probably has something to do with the PCB in the light assembly that controls the turn signals. Do you know someone with a Mustang, where you can borrow and swap the tail light to see if it fixes the issue? JR
  18. Weld or use clamps for H pipe ?

    I used the clamps that Steeda provided, and they're fine. When I had my mufflers adjusted a few weeks ago, the shop wanted to put a tack weld onto the clamps to make sure that they held in place, but I told them no. I have a MGW, and if I ever need to get to the shifter or pull the trans to...
  19. Smoking when parked

    Well, they did, but you needed to have the issue while you were still under warranty. I had the bolts added on my car, then had it back to have the bolts tightened, and I still have an issue on the driver's side rear. There's a further fix that people are doing, where you swap the valve covers...
  20. Plastic flap (shield) blocking oil filter canister on 2021 GT500

    Maybe I'm not understanding, but why is that inconvenient? Are you trying to access the oil filter from the wheel well? Why not just get at it from under the car, like the good Lord intended? JR