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  1. GT OEM PP Brembo pads - new takeoffs

    Takeoffs from a new PP car with 50 miles. $80 Shipped (US only).
  2. Outside of North America SOLD - Gt350 Front Springs 194 lbs

    GT350 Front Springs - 194 lbs / .3 drop Excellent conditions, never installed. Bought from another forum member but later decided to go a different route. Located 00911
  3. Street Setup

    After studying all the recommendations on this forum and getting feedback from many of you I finally pulled the trigger on my street setup. Car is only used for spirited driving on streets. Base 2019 suspension. -Bilstein B6 dampers and M3 bumpstops -Steeda min drop 200/800 -Maximum Motorsport...
  4. MP Concepts Bumper for 18-19

    Anybody got their hands on this bumper? Really improves the front end for the gen3 imo but unfortunately I cannot find any US vendor selling it.